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High on desire

I tasted a datura cactus last year. I was told to cut it in half like an apple and remove the seeds and the inside fibres. I boiled it for a quarter of an hour and then we drank the tea and ate the seeds by ourselves in two dosages. That was at about 01:00am. I never knew what it was all about, I left the house in ignorance and got to a central square. 45 minutes later the ground was waving smoothly and almost every surface felt like 3D. 2 hours later the hallucinations got stronger. I could talk to my friend who wasn't even there, as his friendly ghost presence posed at me in a speachless way. That lasted until morning. I recall I had a very short memory ability as I repeateadly kept asking things to people who were not even there, having absolutely no sense of time. All letters and signs were really blurry for a few hours after that. What I would like to say is that although the strange and hallucinations were there challenging reality, I faced no signs of fear nor panic at any time. By far unforgetable. Don't stand alone in experiences such as this one, though. I’m really lucky sometimes.

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