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Cleaning on mushrooms

I was cleaning my apartment the other day, when I suddenly thought about my mushrooms. I had already a couple of beers when i ate the mushrooms. I kept on cleaning and drinking beer and almost forgot about the trip that was starting. Suddenly the music ( a swedish group called Gyllene Tider ) got higher and I stopped my cleaning. The first thing that came to my mind was that I became exactly what I wanted to be. - Exactly what I wanted to be when I grow up. And now I am grown up. Leaving the kitchen behind I went for my livingroom. Step by step the music turned louder, and when I came in to the livingroom everything was so bright. It felt like someone had pulled the roof of and pushed down the sun in my livingroom. I got very exited and started to laugh. My hands where applauding and I started to sing with the music. - SOMMARTIDER HEJ HEJ, SOMMARTIDER! Looking around in the room everything was floating on the walls. The fan made the effect extra good by letting the posters blow against the wall. Getting down in the sofa, closing my eyes in the middel of this childhood tivoli made this the best day for a very long time. It was not like something I have ever experienced. The only mistake I made was that i tried it again after only 4 days. That was not like the first time, it worked but I had to concentrate my mind more to get the same effect I had in my previous trip...... So my best advice to you who will try this, is to wait between the two trips to get the best effect. thanx Azarius : ) / J

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