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Shrooms, Shrooms and more Shrooms

Yesterday i took the shrooms. At first amanita muscaria 4g (baked) and 15g Phillosopher's on Rice. I thought The trip was not strong but this shrooms kick after 2 hours that was very long. In this time i took again 2g amanita and 15g Phillospher's on rice. 1 h later the trip was strong there where some optical things that where changed and later on strong optics but no hallus, but it was a accustic flash with hallus only when i closed my eyes and there where true hallus. I think i took too much because because at the end of the trip i get paranoia and i started sweating and could't move almost. Then i have chilled about two hours in my bed with funny and paranoia visions. With this dosage it was a strong trip. I think you have to mix the shrooms then they are effective. Because i saw the shoes of my friend (number 41) as big as my and i have 47. Sometimes the eyes changed the form and many other things. But shrooms are not made for me too strong and not as easy as other things to control. Both sorts are effective and i don't have expected such a strong trip because people had postet other experiences here. But i think they had made something wrong when they don't have get a trip.Take care !

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