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Space ride

I was getting prepared for my first round with philosopher stones, expecting a lot of thinking! And, in 15 min after consumption : ) . . . Everything became alive and moving. Patterns were moving and it looked like 3d kaleidoskop all over!!! I was so happy that i laughed all the time. Thou, my every idea was bizzar and funny, and i laughed about it too. I could hardly roll a joint, and spend 10 min laughing about it! It was like a 6D cinema, with all the effects anyone could imagine. And it lasted for 3h in full speed :) I was supprised, and delighted with the effects, which didn't make me loose control in any moment, thou i felt like driven on a rollercoster 300km/h for a long time :) Maybe next time i'll do some philosophy, but i prefer rollercoster ! : ) My wife, who's a nurse, was by my side, and she had no problem communicating with me, allthough I was laughing all the time :) In one word: smile! and chill!

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