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Death´s Guts

Hi fellas, I just came back from my first experience with Philosopher´s stones... I did Psilocybe several times before, but always the "classic" ones, especially P. cubensis (various strains) and Hawaiian (copelandia). So I thought I must try out the truffles. This report actually has two parts: an amanita part and a tampanensis part ;) This morning welcomes me with a smile - I am unsuspectedly awakened by the harsh sound of my doorbell. I rush to my front door and find a guy holding this tiny package in his hands... as he hands it over I can´t help but giving him a wiiiiide grin. Yep. Looks like a funny day. 20g Amanita and 30g truffles. Time to do a little scientific research! I decide to skip breakfast and start the day with a nice cup of tea (10g A.m.). While waiting for the liquid to cool off, I roll a large one, adding some grinded A.m. (tastes really weird and is actually not worth the effort, I think). Listening to "Jazz méditerranée" I drink my tee - good taste! 20 min later, the first effects: I feel sort of drunk and the light seems brighter as before. After a short period of time, the effects suddenly disappear. So I prepare another tea, pack some truffles and head for the woods. Walking is a bit different now, and I feel incredibly hot. Then, as soon as I enter the forest, breathing the cold and fresh air is a great relief - wood, mushrooms, resin. Then I feel another wave of heat surging through my body. Sitting down at a nice clearing I slowly drink the tea while watching the ants crawling around. Being mesmerized by them. Everything is a bit mellowed out, no real halluzinations, but the sound is intensified. Time to add some psilocybious flavor... chew a few chunks of truffles - Hell! I couldn´t even decide if they taste interesting or simply disgusting. So I eat another chunk - still can´t decide! Sorta like rotten nuts… At this point, I´ve lost a fair amount of blood to the mosquitos - I bet they´re tripping their abdomen´s off right now, ha! Suddenly, I am hit by a wave of pure euphoria, combined with an intense nausea. Allright - the mushies do their work. I feel the urge to puke, but resist. Drinking some water offers immediate remedy. The nausea comes back a few minutes later, then it is gone for good. My grin widenes again. Now I need music. Badly! On my way home, some greenish flashes appear in my peripher vision, reminding me of the very first effects of mescaline, but still, no optics worth to mention. I am really hungry right now, quite unusual while tripping, I guess that´s the amanita. I´m no vegetarian, so I buy a nice grilled chicken - Yum! Well, actually, when I arrive at my home, the optics are about to kick in, and eating a chicken can get really gory then! I feel like a coyote eating a rotten cadaver, but if it´s o.k. for a coyote, it´s fine with me! I have another look at the almost empty bag of amanita, only one red hat is left (I saved the most beautiful), but - what is this??? A little larvae is crawling around on that mushee! Where the hell did you come from? I take a closer look at the tiny creature and let it crawl on my hand. It moves backwards, rolles itself in, crawles forward, raises its head, streches and contracts again. Then I see its orange intestine and realize that this wicked larvae must have eaten agaric mushroom all its life! Geez. I put it in a small box and remember one of marc´s posts I read in the forum about psilocybe tea. He seemed very enthusiastic about this way of consumption, so why not give it a try? I have already eaten almost 10 g without even coming near the effects of mexicans. Strange. Well, let´s see what difference another cup of tea could make! I soak 20g of the truffles in warm (not boiling!) water and drink it all. I close the shutters and turn on the music (Tiamat, this time). Although I have distinct closed-eyes visuals, I felt incredibly sober and clear-headed! "Wildhoney" passed... the next song takes me away... then I open my eyes and - BAM! It hits my head! I´m tripping! From one second to another I got signal! I look down on the floor and it starts to melt in plant-shaped patterns. A bright green and a strong purple glow everywhere (actually those are my main mescaline colors 8-) . I lay down in my bed and close my eyes. Now it´s getting wild. The nausea comes back but I can´t care for that right now. I see some black and blue organic patterns, forming a cave. My body feels like a celtic knot, but I can actually walk inside that cave. I mean walk - not drift. As I look forward I see some dull eyes, covered with a layer of grey slime. As I look closer, the eyes come to life - The layer melts away, revealing lizard-like pupils. A female looking face, a shiny black texture with green glowing veins. The face is surrounded by root-like tentacles coming out of the organic wall. I step back and stare at the entity. Her face looks evil, but very calm at the same time. Then more tentacles grow out of the wall forming a huge body. Still the entity is part of the cave, like a living statue. I look at the body... now the cave opens to my right and I am suddenly in a larger room. The entity now forms sort of a chair the legs grow into an oval table. Actually they´re not really legs, as they are still glued together somehow. I only see this entity, but I feel that many other´s are present, I have the feeling of being in a bar. A really strange bar. But I cannot see any others. Then I look at her skin again. The whole skin... the whole cave actually consists of thousands of little creatures... copulating creatures. They all have the same evil look as the large entity does, but all of them look really ancient. Some are grinning, others look like if they scream, but actually, I cannot hear any sound. On some faces, the skin peels of, leaving behind their black skulls. Then others grow on top of them and it starts all over again. I am fascinated by what I see and feel safe, everything looks so familiar, even if it all seems a bit frightening. I never want to leave this place, but something drives me further into the cave. When stepping forward, I reach a small hallway. It´s very dark in here, the walls are all black, but still I am able to see everything around me. Now the hallway opens and I see a landscape in a mellowed-out purple with strange looking plants everywhere. I want to go further, but then I open my eyes. It´s over! When closing my eyes again, I only see some shapes, but nothing distinct. The whole time my mind was as clear as it can be. I always had the feeling that I could easily step out of the world I´ve been in. I think that is the reason why I was not frightened by what I saw. A few minutes later, the visuals came back. This time, my little friend was here - the larvae. Among with all its maggot brothers and sisters. This looks really weird. But it doesn´t last long this time. Now I realize that I am back. A shower, a meal, and I am born anew! Some conclusions: This was a very interesting experience, definitely. It was very different from any other psilocybe trip yet. The main difference was the clear head and the ability to really act in the world I was in. On other trips, the settings changed quite rapidly, this time, I had only one setting. Although very intense, the strong part of the trip only lasted 2 hours. It came immediate, and left almost as quickly. Drawback: Psilos never gave me nausea, but this time I was close to throwing up several times. But hey, it was worth it for sure! It´s funny how several people react completely different on mushrooms. Literally everyone I know who tried Psilocybe felt sick in the beginning. I never understood why... now I do. I think the amanita intensified the whole experience, but fly agaric trip alone was not as intense as I had expected it to be. I am still looking forward to the upcoming fly season. I might also try the extract and the. And I definitely recommend to everyone using amanita to use boiling water for preparation of tea (or heating them in the oven for a few minutes). Just for safety reasons: As the mushroom is collected in the woods and you don´t want to become a playground for Mr. Tapeworm, do you! Hehe. I didn´t smoke any weed during the trip, and I think that doing so might actually kill the "vivid state of mind" - feeling. But it´s just speculation. Greetings, Optischer Hirnimpuls post scriptum (to the Azarius-Team): I ordered on Wednesday night (so technically on Thursday morning) and I got the package on Friday! Way to go! Thanks a lot, you´ll hear from me very soon again, I guess ;-)

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