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A not so regular evening...

Situation: me, living room and garden, nice tea with 3,6 gram d**** cubensis at 21.30. I was expecting a normal and steady ‘go with the flow’ kind of beginning for a good trip. But no… within 20 minutes lift-off. Johnny Cash, Live at San Quentin '69. and I sat in the middle…I heard all the inmates screaming and cheering and o yeah, somebody was singing also... Johnny Cash. Amazing. Although it was at my own place, 31/07/2004, I can almost say I was there in '69... Although the music and all the screaming and cheering at the background were really amazing, at one point it was enough for me. At 2/3 of the CD I really wanted some fresh air. It was very hot inside and my whole body felt wet (which was not the case, but I get fooled every time…). This was also a nice opportunity to change the trip a little bit. I ended up in my garden "inspecting flora and fauna". What a world is going on there. It was pretty dark outside, but I could still see pretty much. I don’t know what I have exactly done outside. I remember most of the time just standing in the middle and watching around, amazed by being surrounded with such beautiful nature. A lot of things went through my mind. It was not even that very visual. It was more that I started to realize how everything in nature works together somehow. I saw and understood the connections between the plants and (little) animals I was surrounded with. Sometimes I took a step forward to check something closer. It was very difficult to focus myself on something, because one thought was not even finished before the next thought already came. At one point I saw some ants running around on the ground. Normally I don’t even notice that. But this time they attracted my attention. These ants know what they’re doing… I don’t know for how long I studied them, but in the end I wished them the best. How long I’ve been outside I don’t know. But the great feeling I had inside me was stopped abruptly when I came a little bit to my senses and started to realize that all my neighbors were able to see me and that it might be a little strange to them… this dude strangely walking and looking around in the garden around midnight. The idea of itself being seen by the outside world made me feel very uncomfortably, so I went inside again. I felt a bit sad because I was actually not finished yet with this part of the trip. But the uncomfortable idea of the outside world was too strong, I had no choice. But still… enough to do inside also. I wanted to listen to some music again. And again, as usual during a trip, I wanted to listen to The Beatles. John Lennon was ringing... Again. I don't know what I have with the Beatles while tripping on mushrooms. I almost never listen to the Beatles, but when I’m tripping... My trip completely changed big time. In the beginning I was a little bit afraid the mushrooms were loosing a little of their effect, but I expected them to come back, and so they did… Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is playing and there you go. This part of the trip was very heavy, that it’s difficult to describe it. I sat in the middle of my room and before I knew it there was another one and a half hour gone by. The only thing I’ve done was sitting on the floor, being swept away over and over by the Magical Mystery Tour. It was one big, long interesting and fascinating story. This stage was real, real intense. At one point I even felt a tear coming up because Jude had to make a sad song a bit better… But Jude was not even ready with her story, and then there was A Day In The Life… This song is so amazingly brilliant while tripping on mushrooms; there I have no words for. Except The End. I played the song a few times in a row and I really got frustrated every time when the song ended that immediately, bbbbbooiiiiinnnggg!!! Why did they end this amazingly beautiful song with such a shitty end? I asked myself that question a lot of times. But then I got frustrated about myself… Who am I to change a song of The Beatles? Damn… Well, on the highroad again. I still have not completely figured out what went through my head during this stage of the trip. When the music was over, I started to get out of the trip pretty quickly. I rolled a joint, what took about 20, 30 minutes, and went outside again (my garden was not that interesting anymore). I sat down and smoked my joint and gave myself some time to chill out, trying to place everything in perspective again. After a small hour of thinking and smoking I realized that it was pretty cold and I was sitting there in a t-shirt. So I went inside, drank some juice and figured out that it was over… My conclusion: It was a very nice and positive trip. I’ve had trips in all sizes, and this one absolutely belongs to the heavyweight category. The trip lasted for almost 5 hours, which is pretty long in my case. The trip had 3 stages. Johnny Cash, exploring my garden and the Beatles. Johnny Cash was a very good start and gave me a real feeling of just being there back then. The stage of exploring my garden was a good change in my trip. From the inside with music to the outside where a whole other world is going on. This outside part of the trip was actually the best. The stage of the trip with the Beatles was very heavy and intense. Although it was a very nice and positive trip, I’m a bit disappointed. A big part of the trip I listened to the Beatles. And although it was very intense in a good way, I continuously had the feeling that I already experienced it in the past. And actually I did… I have tripped so many times on the Beatles that it has not many surprises left. Next time when I will eat some mushrooms somebody has to hide this music from me. But I’m afraid my trip then will end up searching the whole time for a Beatles CD. I will remember this trip because it was a very strong and intense one. But I won’t remember this trip because it gave me new insights in life. Next time: I will change the setting drastically; it’s time for some new experiences…

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