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An awesome trip!

Had my first experience with H.Woodrose last night. It is a pretty intense trip, not so full on as acid, but still wicked fun (and much easier to get also!) Whenever I try a something new, I always do a bit of research so I know how to prepare myself. And with Woodrose this is imp't. On an empty stomach and completely sober (3 hours since I last ate) I ate half a metoclopramide tablet- v.effective anti-nausea drug (and importantly- won't block the LSA's action) before eating the crushed up seeds. Alot of reports say that LSA can make you sick initally and even vomit, and I'm inclined to agree. So some dramamine or metocop is good to take beforehand. Sorry, I'm being bloody boring here, you here to hear about a trip- not listen to me mother you. It was about 8 when I ate the crushed seeds, washed down with a bit of water. They tasted pretty good to me, just like cracked pepper. They took along time to take effect, and come on slowly as they do. I sat around watching a rugby game on T.V. with some other guys, I just wasn't interested, and the yelling and the noise of the commentry was really irritating... I wanted to do something more mellow. Fortunately I went off to a party with a good friend (who was NOT on Woodrose- just drinking) and the walk there calmed me down a bit. There was a little bit of nasuea for the first hour but by the time we walking my appetite had come back. My mood picked up on the 30 minute walk and when we arrived (about 9:30) the trip came on strong, as soon as Soph opened the door. The visuals initially weren't that strong but I felt a bit strange and euphoric. Socializing was a bit of struggle, cause I was the only one at the party drugged up so I had retrain myself from talking too much weird shit. At times, it felt a bit like ecstasy, because touching my head and neck felt really good, and talking one-on-one with people is a good experience, and you can really "see" the emotion in people. The best parts of my trip was when I went to the bathroom, where I would stare at my own reflection and trip out- letting my mind run free and turning my features into a wolf or asian face. But always did I feel that sense of control, so I knew if things were getting to out of hand I could pull myself back to reality. I spent alot of time in there I think, and only left cause I felt guilty about hogging it from needy bladders. I drank a little bit over the night: a few beers, some punch, and wine- but only maybe 6 or 7 drinks in total which really had no effect at all (except I was v.dehydrated today! should of had some water somewhere along the way). When the vibe at the party got a bit bitchy toward me, I went for a walk down the lane on my own. It was cool and tripping can be fun on your own because you don't have to concentrate on a conversation or other people, and are free to let your free and think. Overall, I was in a cheery mood, and got on well with most people I met (I knew hardly no-one at this party) but I think it could be more fun to do with a few friends around to watch out for each other, and laugh at interesting patterns. The party started winding down about 1pm. And me and my friend left with a few others to go out at about 2pm. I didn't like the dudes I was with much so I spent most of the time at club on my own. Ordered a red bull which was good to bring me back up to tripping (probably better for you than alcohol which will have the opposite effect!) and sat there on a couch watching the lights above the dancefloor till me and Chris left about 3pm. Quick walk home and we sat up watching TV (infomercials) till about 4:30, would of slept well, but v.cold. MORE FACTS.... Like LSD, it is a looooonnnnggg trip. So me very glad I took it at 8. Cause it lasted for about 7 hours. (Made the mistake of taking acid at 11pm once... big mistake!) but sleeping isn't as difficult on H.Woodrose, because you feel more mellow most of the time, it is a bit like being stoned when you are talking to people and playing it straight. Shit, sorry if I've rambled on, I just don't want to miss out anything important. If you've done acid or 'shrooms before: it is very easy to handle, but on your first time I'd do it with a few friends with some experience in the tripping realm. I don't believe in bad trips, you can see them coming on and just change your situation, do something light... whatever. I recommend just eating them crushed up (on an empty stomach of course!). The taste is fine. but they would probably be good on some cheese, but I don't reckon soaking them in water or cooking them in brownies is the way to go (this can only serve to decrease their potency.) Damn good fun... I'll be doing them again soon!!!! Enjoy....

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