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CGA & me in the middle.

We took 15 grams each on an empty stomach and laid back... to see the Tour de France on TV! First effect: TV-signal seemed to be disturbed -lots of 'noise' on the screen- though my friend ensured me the picture quality was fine. Suddenly -nothing funny had happened- I burst out in completely uncontrollable laughter for about 15(?)minutes. Laughing like a madman, REALLY loud!!!! Crying my eyes out in fun. Thereafter, visual effects really started. First thing I noticed was that my hands turned to some really strange tint of pink. Then there were shifts in perspective: the room turned to a flat picture, a deep box, a shallow box, ... and back... and... I couldn't care for the cycling anymore, so I went outside into the forest. I saw colors continuously shifting from green to blue and back. The most amazing thing however was the perception of space; the forest -I could see this very clearly- was box-shaped; flat sides all round with pictures of trees and air on them. Inside the box, trees and plants looked like those in computer games, made of numerous flat layers with leaves on. I noticed things starting to move in an easy flowing way, like waterplants in a slow current. Some bushes were making gestures towards me -as if trying to make contact. The ground was covered with ivy. Suddenly all the ivy seemed to move like slow dense traffic, like 100s of cars in lines next to each other. Then the traffic changed into arm-thick crawling boa's. This was great! Well aware of my hallucination, I was amazed by the reality of the visions. Butterflies, flowers, birds,... everything I saw was just like the first time, like a real exploration. I also spent quite some time just looking at my hand... A kaleidoscope... Back inside, I took my crayons and sketch book and started drawing. I saw moving (Aztec-) patterns on the white paper and so I just drew the forms I already saw. Each line was like a waterfall. Another thing: at one point, everything seemed to be glowing in an extraordinary way: the light reminded me of a Gothic cathedral, when early sunlight shines through the giant colored glass windows. Hmm... Difficult to explain. One more point: sometimes, I saw things in a very low resolution. Imagine a small but sharp picture on your PC (eg 160x120pix), enlarged to the max (full screen); like it is made out of rather large squares. Like a mosaic. Great thing: All through my trip I remained totally aware of the fact that I was hallucinating, that my hands weren't really mutilated (as I saw them), that my friend didn't really look like a bent old wreck,... and thinking about that didn't reduce the effects. I have noticed -even during my trip- that the visual effects in my trip were heavily influenced by CGA and by my work with computer graffics. Made me wonder... if Van Gogh or Kandinsky would have eaten philospher stones... would their trips have been influenced by their paintings?

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