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Psilocybe Cubensis

I´ve growed 1st time shrooms by my self and decided to give them a try at the weekend. I´ve harvested on Wednesday,15 Oct. Psilocybe Cubensis, a growbox from www.azarius.nl. I dont know the weight of the harvested shrooms,but after 4 days of drying...it were about 33.5 grams. A friend of mine is a really experienced drug user, he told me to make 3 portions out of 33.5 gramms of medium fresh cubensis. I thought that it will be to much and so my brother decided to take some shrooms too. Now we are 5 People, one had 1.5 grams of dried Hawaiians, and the other 4 including me had my grown cubensis shrooms, about 8 grams each. Ok, the portions were made. What happened next...was the big problem how to get this things in my stomach I decided to cut them in small pieces and mix them with orange juice. The same like the friend with the hawaiian did, and another friend taking my shrooms. The other two "drug experienced" users decided to make shroomy milk shake, what was the worst idea ever, because milk neutralizes poisons. They didn´t know. I ate a banana before. So...ok lets go to the funny part...if it was funny. I took the shrooms at 6.30 pm... Christoph and Remko took the shrooms like i did ... the others mixed their shakes. After about 4 minutes i became nervous, and began to walk the veranda up and down. I felt a light heat in my stomach. It comes i thought... and that was the last i thought for the next 2 hours I tumbled from the veranda into the garden, calling to my friends "I have to go...!", because it was planned to take a walk in the park. I was able to walk the 200 meters from the garden to our house entry at the frontside of the house, there i had to have a rest because my body was totally heating me up. I sweated like a pig, my head was under such a big pressure that i didn´t realize the others looking at me, talking to me. I heard them, but i heard them like trough a 50´s old radio, ore a silent megaphone. Very strange... Whoa...that was a boost So now i came slowly back to reality, listening to a good friend of mine, speaking to me. "Hey that is normal, don´t worry" he said. I cleaned up my head and began tumbling to walk after the others. Direction: park. Christoph, the guy who took the same amount of shrooms like me, (orangejuice) has a little less body weight than me. He didn´t say anything the whole way to the park. Strange i thought. He was very very boosted of the shrooms and it was to much for him. So he vomited the mushrooms after a time of maybe 20 - 40 minutes, no feeling for time right now He became a really bad trip...So when he vomits the shrooms, the others decided to have a rest and smoke a weed joint. I settled down for a while...totaly blown away, i tried to chill a little behind Christoph and talk a little to him. But no way he was really apathetically. The others smoked, i was a little stressed and totally confused about the optics i had. Just looking at the one direction to my friends sitting on a park bench 10 meters away. It was like a tunnel of darkness surrounding me. When i looked into the other direction, to my friend Christoph i saw the same effect, but the pictures repeated so fast, i couldn´t realize where i am. One of the Guys taking the shroom shake came to me and talking to me and Christoph...trying to calm him down a little and give him a safe feeling. After this we decided to go back to my house. Christoph had only one wish...to get some sleep and overrunning his trip. Slowly i walked back home... Now the "relaxing" phase of this trip starts for me. Laying on the floor staring to the stucco domes. All was moving right now. I looked to my friends sitting on a sofa, or a chair. I watched them...5 m distance. Again: 15 m distance. The room seems to shrink and pulse... everyone was small and broadly. Lights and especially the TV turned in several spectral colours. The others watched TV. I only watched the TV glowing ). No usefull thoughts at the moment. Just confused of the optics. Just mad in my brain. After maybe 4 hours it was over. And i came back to reality fast. This moment Christoph appears out of my brothers room...everything passed, gladly. After this i was strongly confused and it stays maybe 2 days til the effects were gone. Resumed for me it seems that this psilocin and psilocybin are "hardcore" psychopharmacologic drugs, so the dosage is playing a big role. Next time i ´ll wait til the shrooms are completely dry, and i use a balance for the portion. And i maybe can say that maybe 8.5 gramms medium dried cubensis give a hot trip for me. 85 kg - human mass. Thanks for reading this and keep in mind to work careful with substances like this. One time it will blow your mind.

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