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Quite synthetic feeling…..

So. It was big time to double last dose of Morning Glory, So this time it was 500 seeds. With my friend we crushed seeds, mixed with jogurt (this is moment of thinking that taste, I almost threw up while writing) and ate it. About after one hour it started, not too roughly, more likely tender touch of not so good feeling in stomach... We watched tv and decided to smoke some pot, for help to little pain. Slowly things went to lying on bed and thinking, and pain, great pain on my legs. It really hurt, like "synthetic", hurting feeling in tendons of my legs. Soon I was most stoned ever, I just lied, time passed way too slowly..my thoughs were running circle around thinkin what is most smallest thing in world, what is electricity, where is it made..and no answers, these though were so powerful I couldnt even sleep. So we ate at 0900 pm and about 12pm I was stoned. Next thing worth to mention was morning 0700am, when I decided to take little walk and though I could get some sleep after that. I saw how water beatifully shine on leaves of trees and in grass..it was beatiful indeed. Not so long and I got some sleep, I woke up next time 5pm. When I woke up at 5pm, my legs were finally ok, no hurtin, at least not worth of saying "ouch". Quite trippy..not so fun..at least my friend had better time =) And next day..well, quite synthetic feeling..thats how I would describe it.. My oinly suggestion is, try it for yourself, it is only way to know..

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