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Tripper 4 dimensions

My first trip was eight years ago. Copelandia was the first thing I ever used. When I used it for the first time it was a magical experience. I was in heaven, everything was so beautiful. Now it’s 8 years later, I have seen a lot and one thing is for sure: for me Copelandia is the best thing, because I love to medidate and to write. I will let you read something, but first I will show you how to use the magic of the universe. If you want to use magic mushrooms and you want to do it the good way, for one week you have to eat not to much. One day before the trip eat before 10 p.m. your last meal, the next day eat nothing. Eat the mushroom at 3 or 4 p.m. How to use magic mushrooms: Boil 1,5 cups of water first in a pan. When the water is boiled turn the fire down to the lowest, put the mushrooms in the pan and cover it so that no damp will escape. Let the mushrooms boil for 15 to 20 mintes, turn the fire off and wait for 10 minutes until the damp in the pan becomes water. When you see the water is brown thats means it’s good, so fish the mushrooms out of the water and eat them and drink the remaining water. If all goes well your journey will start in10 to 50 minutes. For a good journey you have to be in a place where you feel good. I prefer my home, with some good music on, new age. This is a site for you, if you want you can order there some good music http://www.cybertracks.it/. Look for the CD Jurrasic, order this CD and you will be in heaven. Mushrooms are not a party drug, so use them with respect. More 2 come? The peace inside a living being is the answer of our desire. I have many more and much longer and stronger poems.

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