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Ephedra Supercaps Experience

Hello!!! I've finally got my ephedra supercaps, so it would be nice that I share my experience with all of you. It’s a sort of a big report, but I wanted to put everything that happened to me -It was great! There were some funny situations too, but I'll start from the beginning. In three hours in afternoon I finally received a notice from the post office that my package arrived. Of course, me and my boyfriend like a pair of kids run down to the postal office as soon as possible a lady that worked there looked very strangely at us, - probably because we were very anxious and nervous to get it. After we returned home, and unpacked the supercaps, then the funny part started haha! -My ‘innovative’ boyfriend came up to an idea that he could snort the substance from the capsule so it could hit him sooner. The stuff that was in it, it vas dark green and it smelled on pepper, but he didn’t care for that. Well, you should see the look on his face when he snorted 850 mg of ephedra extract in his nose!! I wished I had camera for that -he run down to the bathroom, started yelling, screaming, jumping -and every other possible reaction that would come if you put 850 mg of stuff like pepper in your nose. Well you learn on your mistakes, right? After he calmed down he took three and a half capsules orally, and I took three too. After an hour the good part begun. Around 17-17.30h. I was already crazy, restless, and I had much more energy than before. Since I had a lot of studying to do ‘cause I had an exam two days later, I decided to do that -but it wasn’t so easy because I couldn’t concentrate that well I was too jumpy! Instead of some slow music that I usually listen when I study, I’ve put some good techno on my CD player, and then the party begun I looked like the crazy scientist! running around the room, repeating at loud, and sticking every possible definition of social methodology (that was the theme for my exam) on the wall so I could repeat it easier. After a couple of hours, the wall was covered with written papers, but I wasn’t a bit calmer. I even went on my step aerobic class, which was at 21h, and returned home, with the same amount of energy that I had before the class. My boyfriend wasn’t so crazy like I was, -probably because when I was so thirsty I drank in affect about 1.5 l of coke and that is a lot of caffeine! After I saw how much coke I drank, I started drinking only water just in case And then the midnight came And I was stilly jumpy Not that much like before, but I was pretty awake. This condition started to bore me a little bit, cause I wanted to go to sleep, but I couldn’t. So I decided to make that time useful, so I studied some more until three o’clock in the night, and then I went to sleep. Finally! And one more thing I forgot to tell you that in the mean time my friend came over, so we gave her also three pills ha, ha -she called me around midnight, all energetic that she doesn’t know what she’ll do the whole night so she decided to clean her whole house. And when I phoned her the other day she said that she really did that not the whole house, but the good of it. Ephedrine is really a powerful stuff, It’s good for studying but in small doses maybe two pills for whole night. If you’re going partying, three or four should be enough and if you want to go on a diet only one capsule is enough. You drink it around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and you don’t feel hunger the whole evening until you go to sleep. But I’ve notice one side effect these few days that I took ephedra I was a bit nervous too. I was more irritated by some things than usually. And I found myself acting like a middle aged woman in some situations and that’s not so good -I hate my mother when she’s acting like that, so I surly wouldn’t like to become like her well, at least not yet.. that's all from me -party on!

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