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I ate my first home-made mushies

Hi everybody... I ate my first home-made mushies :=) yummy, yummy They weren't too much. In reality I didn't think they would do anything to me :=) Thank god I was wrong :=) Yesterday was a fun day for me... I went to my school and then some friends came to my house, we smoked some good 100% natural stuff... The last one I smoked was at 21:00. At night I decided to taste my first mushies :=) At 00:30 I ate the mushies. Then I lay down on my bed. Closed my eyes and planned to sleep. Nothing happened for the first 1 hour. But suddenly I started to feel happy and saw some strange things with my eyes closed. I didn't see them clearly but I could feel them. I traveled through oceans, forest, etc... And after a few minutes or hours I found myself in a jelly environment. It was so clear; I can see it and feel it clearly. It was my mind. There were some people. They were my friends whom I wanted to be with. I talked with them and asked some questions about my life like "what shall I do after school" or "I need to find a love, but how" etc... Suddenly I saw a thing (I say "thing" because I can't describe it with words); this thing was in another jelly thing in my jelly mind. He said "if you have questions just ask me" after that I thought he was the spirit of the mushroom. After that he said "just find the colors of life and follow them". Suddenly I opened my eyes and started to watch TV. I changed channels and just took a look at what people were doing. And then I started to understand the meaning of "colors of life"; when I saw news about wars I could feel that the pictures had cold colors, and when I saw a picture of nature I could feel that it had warm colors. That's important for me... And I watched a movie named "Colors of Life"; it’s the strangest movie I’ve ever watched, and that movie found me that night :=) Guys if you can find it just watch that movie. These things happened for 5 hours. I didn't sleep but I don't feel sleepy :=) I’m still laughing and feeling happy... Now it is 06:17 here and I feel that I was born again. Thank God :=)

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