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Unbelievable great experience

It was a cold night when me and a friend were off to eating our first portion of mushrooms, ever. We went to the local park at about 10.30 pm, took place at a couch and we started mixing the mushrooms with vla. After discussing who wanted to try the first portion, my friend took a bite. The taste (especially with the vla) was very good. Eventually we both took about 8 grams of mushrooms each. Note that we both didn't eat for about four hours. The first thirty minutes were quiet and a bit stonedlike. Both of us were wondering if the mushrooms were even going to work. But our worries were soon to be forgotten. My trip started one hour after I took my portion, my friend's trip took about half an hour longer to start. This is what it was like: The moment I felt something was going on, I stood up from the couch and started walking a bit. I felt a bit dizzy, like I was going to be sick. But I didn't got sick at all. I was just amazed at how all things around us seemed so peaceful. Everything seemed full of harmony together. Also I started to see some crazy circles and lines in all kinds of colours. After those lines disappeared (must have been one hour now), me and my friend started thinking about how funny everything looked. The trees were just amazing! We advise everyone to take mushrooms when you're either in a forest or in a local park. The experience you will get with seeing trees, grass and water around you, is really comforting. After more than one hour, we felt like doing something so we started walking out of the park, passed my house and on to a friend of me. During the way we saw the most craziest of things; colourful trees, a red coloured railway, blue fences, everything was just coloured different. That gave a real strange feeling, because we knew those colours weren't real, although they seemed só very! Two and a half hours after taking the shrooms, we looked at each other and didn't have a clue what we were doing in the middle of the town. We were about 20 meters from the house of my friend, but we decided to turn around and go back again, so we did. At this point the trip was getting more calmly and satisfying, mostly because we were both getting used to the feelings. When we arrived back home, I lay on my bed and had lot's of creative idea's for making drawings and designs and stuff (I study in designing); so that was a really good experience! My friend took a seat behind the computer and just sat there for nearly an hour, just looking at the wonderful colours of the screen! Putting it all together, when you want to have a very enjoyable trip (and have about 4 hours or more time), you should try some Philosopher Stones for sure! They will give you a relaxed feeling and at the same time, give you an experience that you're one with nature. Unbelievable!

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