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Strangely Different!

At present I have experimented with LSA seeds on about five occasions. My first words of advise are that these seeds are not to be played with and should only be used with respect if the user wishes to experience extreme outer body effects. The Hawaiian baby woodrose varietry are stronger than the milder LSA seeds the morning glory. The initial nausea is not as intense as the morning glory seeds. Preparing the seeds involved, crushing them with a pair of pliers onto a plate, then licking the powder and washing it down with a small glass of water on an empty stomach. The first hour after ingestion there are no effects, then there is the noticeable transition into a new state of mind. Unlike mushrooms and Cacti there are no visual effects, although they do cause a strong trip in the mind and body. Lying on the couch in my friends house I felt as if I was being taken away from my body almost as if I where dying and my soul was going somewhere else, after about 15min with reassurance from a friend we left the house to the local park. On the journey to the park I felt as if I was floating 2metres behind my self watching my body walking along talking to my mate. This outer body experience continued in the park where I decided to lean up against a tree and felt as if I was beginning to pass through it. These seeds will effect individuals more instrinsically compared to the recreational effects experienced by those on mushrooms. They shoud be used more in solitude for medative circumstances as they can couse the following side effects: restlessness, anxiety attacks and paranoia. After the trip is over I felt an extreme calm for a couple of hours, more so than I have ever on cannabis. After trying these a few times now my advice to anyone wishing to try them are to confront any initial fears you experience at the beginning of the trip and try to remain calm and you will enjoy it!

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