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Ayahuasca how to do it

Yesterday evening, March 14, the Hindu/Vaisnava holiday Gaura Purnima, I experienced my first intense ayahuasca trip. Last Christmas I had tried to make Ayahuasca from Banisteriopsis Caapi (50 grams) and Psychotria Viridis (50 grams), cooking it for hours, but this didn’t give me a strong enough effect. So I decided to try the (cheaper) ayahuasca pack 4, containing Peganum Harmala and Mimosa Hostilis. My approach to visionary psychedelics is similar to what Terence McKenna suggests: high doses, once or twice a month, in silence (no music) and in absolute darkness. This especially applies to mushrooms. Ayahuasca is often taken with others. I generally take psychedelics during Full Moon nights, and/or during harmonious transits of the Moon to some benefic planets in my horoscope (I have discovered the importance of this during my last three mushroom trips). I cooked 3 grams of Peganum Harmala seeds with some lemon juice and vitamin C, and some Ginger, which I hoped would prevent the nausea. I did the same with the entire bag of Mimosa Hostilis, with the objective of sharing 1/3 with my partner. In the end she was too afraid and took 1/6 or so. 15 minutes after drinking the Peganum Harmala (which didn’t cause any nausea) I took the awful tasting "Mimosa goo." I then took a pepermint, again to prevent nausea. It was now 21:00. After about 20 minutes, I vomited. It was 23:00 when I decided to try again. By now the Full Moon was slightly eclipsed. First the Peganum Harmala, then the remains of the Mimosa Hostilis. No nausea this time, perhaps because this time I also smoked Cannabis. Then within an hour the trip came on, very strongly. It continued to build up until I started to lose my grip on everyday reality, floating into other realms of consciousness, with the most amazing iridescent colour patterns. I called my partner to be with me. But at a certain point my ramblings became totally meaningless as I experienced the most intense levels of inner ecstacy I had ever experienced in this life, and my trip seemed to determine the future of the entire Earth and cosmos, whether it would continue to exist and whether good or evil would prevail. With hard work, investing my very essence, I fixed the problem, and both the other world and myself became jubilent. I started shouting: "Whooo!!! Lydia?" "Yes?" "It’s beautiful! Whooo!!! Lydia?" "Yes?" "It’s beautiful! Whooo!" and so on. Also I kept repeating "These are the times. These are the times." By the end of the peak I was very confident that the end of history in December 2012 is nothing to fear, just like death is nothing to fear. It is beautiful. Words cannot express the beauty of the amazing rainbows and melting together of the self and all that is. When the peak was over, I went over to my two children who were still sleeping, and there seemed to be some therapeutic stuff going on there. In any case I stayed awake until 3 or 4 in the morning, looking at the Full Moon, which looked like light at the end of a tunnel. I had to wake up next morning at 7:30, which amazingly was no problem at all. Next time I will take the Mimosa Hostilis in smaller amounts, so that I don't vomit it all out, and even if I do vomit I will not waste a large portion of the brew. I think I should also start earlier in the evening, so that my euphoria is over when I and my partner have to go to sleep. Full Moon still seems a very good practice, unless such a Full Moon would coincide with a Moon square Saturn or something like that. Compared to my recent experiments with Psilocybe Cubensis (5 to 6 grams of dried mushrooms) this one was at least as intense, and certainly much more ecstatic. And perhaps I did save the universe, who knows?

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