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It had been 5 years since I had done mushrooms, and I was looking forward to it. As a Christmas present, I had told my boyfriend, who smokes weed and cigarettes, but that's it, to explore this site, and pick something out. He chose the mushrooms, so as soon as they arrived from Holland, I made some nice soup, cut the mushrooms into little pieces and we each ate one freshbox with soup. In the beginning I felt kinda sick, like my stomach wanted it all out, also my body felt hot and cold at the same time. But I thought, no way, I'm gonna be fine! I concentrated on other stuff, and I got over it. We watched 'Meet The Fockers', and slowly the room started changing. I saw neon-colored stalks with flowers flothing on it, dripping from the walls, the desk, the computerscreen. I felt that I was crying, it was of joy! We bot laughed and cried and talked about what we saw. Of course we couldn't concentrate on the movie, so we went... outside. I know, you're not supposed to go outside, but we made up the excuse that we had to go get some cigarettes. It had just started snowing, everything was white and so beautiful! Well, we didn't get lost, and it was fun. Unfortunately, after two hours all my nice visuals were gone. I was still in the trip, but the most exciting part was over... My boyfriend was still fully in it, but he was starting to get nauseous. After a while he felt really sick, and I think this is because I chewed the mushrooms very good, but he didn't. Anyway, he had to threw up a couple of times, I watched over him and took care of him for the next 7 hours. In the meanwhile I was thinking about life, love, myself,... I'm not a very optimistic girl, and at that moment I realised I had always been right. Life is very simple, boring even. There are no solutions, only explanations. I can go on about this for hours, I felt like my philosophy teacher, and I was thinking very fast. Anyway, I thought about my life and how it sucked and that I was glad that one day I would die. My emotions were all on the surface so when I thought about the better moments in my life that would never come back, I started crying, which totally freaked out my sick boyfriend... I wasn't allowed to cry or talk about it, I just had to watch over him, which was quite boring since I couldn't talk or antything, so was constalty thinking, which made me sad... You can see how frustrating this situation was. My boyfriend finally fell asleep, and a couple of hours later, so did I. The next day I had the biggest headache I've ever had, but eventually everything was back to normal. My boyfriend told me he'd never eat mushrooms again, but I believe I had a nice experience. So, that's my story, I hope you liked it.

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