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First time

OK, so it was my first time ever trippin on shrooms, and I wanted to do them for like 4 months now, but I got sent to a boot camp. But I just got out, and my friend said that this guy has shrooms, so I bought 4 grams, dried. I ate them at about 2:00, I was riding my motorcycle and was looking at cars going down the road, and everyone looked like monkeys, and some people didn’t have faces, really weird!! Then I came back to my house and my mom was talking to me and I thought she was speaking Chinese. So that was freaking me out, so I went and smoked a bowl in my room, then everything was changin colors and the walls were like breathing. Then at about 4:00 I went and had to fill out job applications and I completly messed those up, I put the wrong phone number and stuff like that. This is the weirdest part of the whole thing, on the way back from doing my job applications my mom asked where is my mind, and I freaked out becase I thouthgt I left my mind at Mcdonalds. So thats my first trip, and I cant wait to do them again, but I’m thinking 5 1/2 grams.

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