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Crazy night in the forest

It all started when we went to the Vortex, the biggest transparty gathering in South Africa. We arrived there the Friday night and when we finished setting up our tents we ate 6g of dried shrooms. For my husband it took about 10 minutes to kick in and he was out of it. We walked around a bit, and it was very dark so he started to get scared. We got back to our tents when mine started to kick in. My body started to tingle and I got convused, and at one stage I was convinced I was sitting under a big palm tree with my whole living room suite. My husband hit a horror and went inside the tent and every now and then we heard him talking and laughing at someone. The whole tent shook from side to side, and afterwards he told us he was chasing us and little people that swung in the trees and he could not catch them or us. Anyway I on the other hand was hiperactive and had bubbly. I walked around, got lost, found my own spot where I looked at the stars, and I sow a man in the stars that looked at me. Wherever I went if I looked up he was there and looking at me with his sparkling eyes. After about 3 hours I convinced my husband to climb out of the tent. After about 6 hours we started to feel a bit more normal, but this experience expecially in the woods was the best ever, thanx Azarius for the great spores. Love & Light Belinda

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