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Totally BZRK

I had made some amanita tea from 10 gram, and also ate the mushrooms. I drank it at 10 O'clock in the morning. After 30 min I felt odd it was as if I drank a few beers and had some mushrooms. And then after the trip proceeded I started to develop this blurry and wavy vision I could not see further then say 30 meters. But from up close I could see very clear, very very clear. This was weird, but not annoying. I also had very clear mind and I was very philosophic. I can imagine that the BZRK elite of the vikings used it for combat. They would have become truely viscious warriors, because you also get pepped up by these mushrooms. You really feel like you wanna dance and move but still you are empty and clear within, definetly not in rage or out of control but. It gives you power and stamina, and i also felt very relaxed. These mushrooms are good for meditation, rituals, and maybe sex to. After afew hours I took an extra 10 gram cause it wasn't really or weak and the effects intensified and I had some more visual aspects. Really cool stuff though if your looking for intense visions take normal magic mushies. Amanitas work really different then other hallucinogens.

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