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overwhelming stuff

Well i was young and relatively dumb. I wanted to trip but at this point in life i had nothing availible to me being like 13 or 14 years old. Just weed cigarettes booze, so i was looking to find somthing legal and availible i had read about salvia divinorum. I came across it once but they said i had to be at least eighteen so when it came in to my local headshops i was eager. I bought a bag and casually smoked it. I had absolutely no effect so i went to an other shop and bought some more of a different brand. There was a note that said to smoke three pipes holding each one before smoking the other. When I arrived home a smoked 3 pipes. The smoke was harsh and very earthy shortly. After i smoked it the hit came on. The effect was not what I expected, I felt overly dizzy and kinda overwhelmed, I collapsed to my bed and curled up in a ball. I felt very heavy like my body was like liquid on the bed. At this point feeling pretty worried but that feeling didn't stay long. I have tried it many times since then, sometmes it was rather unpleasant! So salvia is one that i will leave i think until the curiosity returns……

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