ExperiencesSalvia Divinorum
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1st time salvia

There were about four of us and 1g of salvia, but I think some was left over so... Anyway this guy who had brought it along was a bit fearful of trying it first (none of us had done salvia before) so I volunteerd. We had a small bong and filled the bowl with crushed dried leaves. Someone lit the bowl and I inhaled then I immediatly inhaled again without exhaling. I held in the smoke for about 10 sec. Then all of a sudden a weird tingling wave went through my entire body and my field of vision exploded. Then I saw a clear picture of burning soil and heard some strange noises. I then regained my vision and saw my friend looking at me asking "is it any good?" This cracked me up and I was rolling on the floor with insane laughter, by wich time my friends were busily filling another bowl. When I more or less stopped laughing (i guess 5 min must have passed from the time the bowl was lit to then) I was feeling really thirsty and told the guys I was going to get some beers from the night shop while they were firing up the bong. The cool wind was really nice and I felt all jangly. When I got back with the beers the last of the effects were gone but my friends were all tripping out or cracking up. For about 5 minutes. They all had similar visions like my burning soil: some saw desserts or forests or fire. There was even this one guy who said he experienced what it was like to be a beer can? I guess he had the biggest dose the bastard. All in all a happy, speedy, very short trip.

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