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the sky wos fallin down

my friend i went off yesterday for a little trip. wot the hell did we know this trip should end fourteen hours later, feelin' empty and wanting to go asleep. so let's start with the verry beginnin of the day @ 2pm we left my house in belgium upwards to holland, sluis, to get or dose of mushies. Once we were there the choixe was quickly made we ve chosen for copeladia or hawain mushrooms. we were kinda dissapointed about weight, we had only 10gr a dose , but we expected more effect cause the looked very great and fresh. Back in the car we putted away our mushrooms and left of. now we had to go direction terneuzen cause mmy friend needed some stuff from there. Now we were good, leavin with mushrooms, weed and hash, and two xtc pills i had left from the day before. The pumpin teknobeats in the car did me have a little headache cause i was litstening to it for the whole weekend already. so we changed into the mushroom xperience by puttin some infectede mushroom on. After being in the car for so long we stopped at mcdonalds in heist to eat a little bit. Then we went to the beach, searching for a good spot in the dunes @ knokke-Heist, smoked a joint and started eatin our mushrooms At half the dose we stopped, went back to car and waited till the effects began, but our patience was very little and when we arrived in car we ate the rest of them. Then the rush came suddenly we didnt feel him really strikin hard, but it was beautifull. i looked to the sky and stars were flashing and shining, the more i looked the more stars i saw, i also started lookin true the stars it was just like i could look true the whole universe, galaxie after galaxie. But suddenly i was thinkin the stars were fallin down and i stopped lookin to them. then i started lookin around in the dunes and there were strange colors everywere, from pink to green over to blue.... ow yeah cant forget dose ducks @ the pound. we passed by them but my friend wouldnt stop to look @ them. when he would sleep for a while i went back to dose duck and tryed to catch them with a flashlight. wot a hell of a noise those animals made. lol i also started to feel that the trip was gettin over, the colors faded away and my mind was startin to realize i was back in the normal world. i had also a fillosofic moment during the trip, tryin' to get know myself better and i came to this conclusion inside im feelin like a hippie but society dont let me be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meanwhile i had token a xtcpill, like in the oldays from those little ones, and then it was whole complete. my friend took the other one and we were sailing the waves, so relaxed and colourfull night Then we went of dirextion home we had to drive for more then a hour, we smoked a last joint and i was home about 3 am. I came home, smoked cigarette was thinkin about the night, ate something and around 4am straight to my bed. i slept really good around noon i got up putted my pc on and started writing this report this wos great day and the mushrooms were also better then the last ones i bought there. then it were colombian and ecuadorian mushrooms Peace out

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