ExperiencesSalvia Divinorum
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rollercoaster into a new dimension

This was the first time using Salvia, together with 2 friends. We used 1 gram of Salvia 10x by smoking it in a pipe. After the first hit, i could not finish the second one, the stuff knocked me out. This was a big shock, because i did not realised that it would work right away, not like mushrooms, they take like 30 min. to kick in. The entire "trip" toke like 1 hour. the first 15 min. i was in a total new dimension, i could not remember how i got there, i could not move, the room changed into another "space"-like world. No control at all, i almost panicked because i could not get out, some kind of rollercoaster. But after 15 min. i started to recognized the real world again, including my friends. For the next 30 min. i could not focus on objects without tunnelvision, things and persons started to move when i focused on them. For the last 15 min. we decided to leave the room, go outside to get some fresh air, still a little shaking but ready to get some food. Wonderfull stuff, but be warned: YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HIT YOU!! Take it easy with this stuff, and if you are tripping do not try to fight it, just go with it. Mathematics

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