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Very lovely and intense product, but be careful

I first ordered the 5X extraxt. Me and two friends just stayed in the first effect stage. but after smoking almost a quarter of a gram in a completely new water bong, I got some pretty intense effect, but only in the stage of lsd-like effects. Then I ordered the X10 extract and this one can really produce intense effects when taking a deep hit from a good a water bong and try to keep the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible. Me and 5 other friends tried it and everyone started laughing very intensly. In each case four of us reached the fourth effect stage, feeling a lot of forces in the room and travelling to other fantasy times and spaces, using doses varying from 50 to about 90 milligrams. We still got our own identities. But then one of them tried it again after eating about 5 grams of morning glory seeds three hours before. He smoked some 60 or 70 milligrams of the 10X salvia extract again, but the seeds must have strengtened the effects. He lost his identity almost completely and started spinning around with an enormous force, hitting the television and a covet. Luckily we were with four other guys, so we could hold him so that he couldn't hurt himself too much. Yet he managed to push us away and started spinning again. When I hold him again, he bite me in my leg for a few seconds. After about 10 or 15 minutes he lost his consiousness completely, but luckily just for 20 seconds. Afterwards he told us that he was hit by un enormous flow of information coming from his unconciousness and he struggled to keep his conciousness . Furthermore he explained that he didn't feel the right side of his body anaymore and that, when spinning around to the right, his identity fragmented even more and more, but when spinning around to the left, he managed to struggle with all the power he had. He also told that, when losing his conciousness, he was completely exhausted and let it go. When biting me, he didn't even know he was biting a human being, because he didn't see anything anymore and his other senses didn't work that good anymore either. A voice told him to struggle the effects by biting, but then he let go when hearing some voice say, 'leave it'. It seems that he remembered much of the 15 minutes salvia trip, but only after we told him everything in detail. How to interprete the effects my friend got? In each case he was overwhelmed completely. I wonder what had happened if he didn't struggle that much. Would he have a better trip, although still very intense? Would he have lost his identity completely, spinning around in universe, completely dissociated from time and space? Or would he have lost his conciousness completely, the sixth and heighest stage described by the smartshop I ordered the stuff? He explained that he experienced a very intense force and flow of information leading to a point, which looked liked an endpoint. Would that have been unconciousness or the complete loss of identity. It's just speculation, but in each case the salvia effects can be extremely intense. I wouldn't recommend combining it with some other psychedelic, because then you don't what is the dosis/effects range anymore. Furthermore I recommend starting with a pretty low dose to test your sensitivity and to not be overwhelmed by the effects. Even the effects I and some other guys got were very intense, but all positive. The salvia freed a big amount of psychedelic energy and made it possible to travel to other times and spaces. I felt as if I was in some fantasy wolrd with red, orange and purple colours everywhere. Very mysterious and so positive that I started laughing very intensly. The 'white rabbit' song of Jefferson Airplane icreased the experience. But It was not just about fun. It also made me realise how beautiful life and emotion can be. What more are we than the emotion we experience? And how beautiful can these emotions be, especially the positive social ones, with love ahead. I also felt pretty bad about making conflicts with other people. I remembered this feeling from my last mushroom trip. Furthermore the mental travelling to other times and spaces can also mean travelling to ones memory of events of the past, which can be very educative I suppose. I defenitely can recommend salvia, when used with the care it deserves. We were overestomating our capacities and the guy who combined a pretty high salvia (10X extract) dose with the lsa was just the most reckless one. Luckily he managed to handle his bad trip very well afterwards. And we are interested in the stage of identity loss and what happens when you just relaxe and let these effects go. It is possibly very philosophical and mind-opening and the psychedelic energy can really increase our willingness to live, to love, to be social and to enjoy what you do. In each case me and my friends had one of the most beautiful times ever hadand very educative as well, especially during the bad trip of one of us.

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