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An insight trip

What you must be aware of is that LSA is not (in my opinion) a party drug. The trip it gives you is nice, but you don't feel like talking (it is actually not really possible). It is a personal trip, not a one you will share, but it worths, I promise. I usually take 5 grams, in an empty stomach. Chew it as much as you can, but for your own sake do it quickly, the taste that can be pleasant at first quickly gets not so nice. Then act just as you didn't take anything, don't be eager to feel something. I wanted it so much the two first times, and it didn't really worked. Stomach pain is a normal effect, it can get ennoying but it never made me throw up. When you start to feel the reality a bit dizzy, then stop your activity, and sit on a sofa. Breath deeply, calmly, and you'll feel the first effects (what I call the "physical part") quite soon. It consists in waves, starting from the plexus, and spreading to the whole body, more and more intense. It's incredibly pleasant, like if your blood is massaging every muscle in your body. Your senses acuteness will be really sharpened, and touching something will give you an immeasurable pleasure. You will sense all the particles from the sofa material, and your own skin is really nice to caress. If there are people around (friends only) they will witness a really taking trip, with you twiddling on the sofa, and unable to talk. This is dued to face muscle contraction, nothing but "normal" in the trip. This "physical" part takes from 5 to 15 minutes as far as I'm concerned. Then comes the "spiritual" part of the trip, which will last 5 hours with a 5 grams dose. During that time, you'll see a slightly twisted reality, like waving ceiling or moving objects, but nothing really strong. At the same time your mind is travelling quickly, thinking about a lot of things, jumping from one to another endlessly. You are totally aware during the whole process, and it is definitely interesting to be there, despite you can be frustrated not to be able to tell what you experience (in your mother tongue it's slighlty possible (not so intersting for the others yet, compared to all you're living) , but in another language no way =) ). Then it calms down gradually, and you'll sleep like a baby. The day after an adjustment to reality can be needed, it's better not to have to work. As a conclusion I would say it's a nice trip, but don't take it if you're looking for intense visuals. In case where you are worried at the moment, it's not the best idea neither, ideas can come without warnings, and you can feel overwhelmed. But if you are in a good state of mind, this will give you a way to know yourself better, to have an external/objective point of view on your life. I loved it !!

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