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evening glory

Couple weeks ago my buddy M and I went up to his cabin, the week before we hand gone up there also and hand a total faliure with peruvian torch cactus. So this weekend I came prepared with a shit load of heavenly blue morning glory seeds. A few days before I ground up about 550 seeds to a powder and bagged it. Thats 275 for each of us which i figured was a good dose for a first time with this substance. The cabins a great place to trip, no one around and dead quiet. We got up there on a friday and that night at about 7:30 PM we mixed the seed powder in yogurt ( I really dislike yogurt by the way). M ate his cup in like a minute, hes got to have one of the strongest stomachs i've ever seen. I on the other hand almost gagged every bite, having one of the weakest stomachs. I think it was cause i dont like yogurt and deffinatly not yogurt with seed crap in it, but I finished my cup in about 45 minutes. After about 15 minutes I didnt feel anything but M felt really bad nausia. He went and laid down so I sat in a chair and listened to some music. M seemed like he was in real pain but I felt no nausea. Soon I had some effects happening, I laughed at stupid things and felt quite relaxed. When I got up to take a leak my legs hurt real bad, mostly on the inside of my thighs. But I was laughing at it and as soon as I sat down the pain went away. M got up after a while but said he felt no effects other then sickness. He started a fire and soon decided to go outside to get some fresh air. He also claimed his legs hurt. I went out like 2 minutes after and he was gone! I figured he just went for a quick walk around the brush and trees. I sat down to have a cigarette but soon grew concerend about M. So i called out to him and the answer I got was " You HAVE to walk around". I found him and he proceeded to tell me that the white flowers were glowing. I agreed that everything had a strange look and asked him if he still felt bad. He replied that he did. So he went ahead and made himself vomit, it being 2 1/2 hours after we ate I felt he would have absorbs the LSA. We headed back inside and thats when M started to trip balls. I couldnt believe it! I sat down and chilled while M went totally nuts. He couldnt stop makeing nosies like " OOOOHHAAAA" YEAAHHHHHHHAAA". At first i found it rather funny but it got kinda annoying after the first hour. I didnt really get much farther then thinking alot and everything seemed to glow, but no visuals. He started telling me to get off the couch because it will eat me, well it was more like GET OFF THE FUCKING COUCH!!!!. I had to reasure him a few times to calm him down. He then huddled around the radio and would talk to the music. It was some oldies station and when a sad song came on M would tell the person singing it was alright and everything was going to be ok. That was real funny. The next thing i know im wakeing up and its 4 in the morning! The first thought that went through my mind was "oh shit wheres M" . But I found him sleeping in his bed so I went to sleep also. The next day we talked about the trip, he couldnt remeber alot untill I pointed things out. But he remembered one thing. He said that when i was asleep he got really hot so took off all his clothes except his boxers. Then went about acting like a chicken around the room! He said hed stop and say "what the hell am I doing " then hed start doing it again. Im very greatfull that I didnt wake up at this time I dont know what id of done. All in all it was a good trip. I figured two things from this, id eat the seeds slowly to help with nausea and that people can have very different reactions to LSA. Id rate my trip a 4 on a scale between 1-10 and ive never seen anyone as messed up as M that night, not with any other drug. These seeds work for sure, id say one of the most potent legal psychedelic. Im going to try an extract next. Have fun doing what you do but dont overdo it!

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