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first time Salvia

until a month or 3 ago I was a fanatic anti-drugs person and non-smoker. but to be honest...slowly there was appearing a need to experiment with things I haven't done yet. I thought, it isn't going very well in my life and I deserve some good times! I met someone who had done some drugs in the past, but together we were curious about the world of smartdrugs. we've tried some herbs (calamus, catmint, kanna, betel nut) and, suprisingly, we discovered small doses weren't working for us. right after that first experience we already wanted to go a step futher: tripping. we read some amazing stuff about Salvia, so the choice was easily made. last weekend it was the time. we've read many websites to gather information about Salvia. I had chosen the backgroundmusic very well, minimal instrumental stuff. we used a small pipe and the 5x extract. because we've been warned about the strong effects, we began with small doses, 50 mg. I was to go first. I heated the Salvia with a regular flamer for some time, so it would be hot enough. I inhaled and tried to hold the smoke. because I am, eh, was a non-smoker I'm not used to that so it was very difficult. Salvia has a pretty 'heavy' taste an it's rather sharp, but not dirty. I inhaled for about 5 times and sat back. except for some vague feelings nothing happened. a hour later I tried again, now with 100 mg. again, nothing weird happened. my friend took both times 50mg, and with the second time she saw herself sitting on the couch, it lasted for about 1 minute. we were slighty disappointed, but we knew our bounds were relative high. so we tried again the next evening. because of some stupid miscalculating we suddenly used more than we thought. I used 300 mg (I thought it was 150mg :P). I heated the Salvia very good before I took the first hit. I inhaled very slowly and concentrated on my breath, which I held for about 15 seconds. I exhaled, then inhaled fresh air 1 time, and then again the Salvia. slowly my arms and legs began to twinkle, like they began to sleep, but I didn't really realize that on that time. I took 4 hits, sat back and closed my eyes. I saw some abstract movements in vague colours, but I was very aware of the fact I was sitting on the couch with my friend next to me. it 'felt' exactly the same as in the twilight zone from being awake and sleep (when you wake up for a short time and fal asleep again, so you can 'see' what you're dreaming). it all lasted for about 2 minutes, so it was very short and not very intensive. but hey, it was the very first time I experiened something like this, so I was very excited. my friend took 150mg, saw herself walking around and she laughed her head off for a few minutes. I concentrated very good when I tried it again, a hour later. I succesfully hold the smoke for a long time. at the second hit I felt the twinkling feeling again so I knew it was going the right way. after the third time I had to get lost of the flamer and pipe because my arms were tensed. my eyes were already closed and for a moment I was completely in another world. I heard the music and at that moment the melody sounded a bit childish and it had directy effect on what I saw. again the abstract, slighty coloured movement started, but it had structure of some schoolyard of something, with soft of concrete pads. but very very abstract! the image was above me, I felt the weight of the patterns, so my arms also where above me, to hold the weight. very very slowly I moved my arms around me. at that point (this was about 1 minute after the last hit!) I realized were I was, how I was sitting and that it had to be very amusing to see. so I said out loud, 'how can I possibly explain this to you' and started to laugh very hard. I had no control over my arms, they were still moving slowy, together with the changing patterns. the weight also came to my neck, that's where I lighty paniced, but that was very short. finally my hands were down and I lay them on my chest. I was calm now. I thought it was over and I wanted to tell my experience to my friend. but I couldn't. I was very aware of everything, I knew exactly how I laid on the couch with my eyes closed, I heard the music, I know my friend was sitting next to me etc. but it felt like I still was in my own world, I couldn't connect with the 'outside'. at first I wanted to force that, but then I realized the trip wasn't over and I let it come over me. every time when I wanted to say something I laught for a short time thinking of how I had been sitting there with my arms up. I shivered for some time. finally I could say something and slowly I opened my eyes. my friend said the total trip was 18 minutes! 7 minutes with my arms up and laughing like hell (that felt for about 1 minute), and 11 minutes calmly, when I at first thought the trip was over. it was great! I think this last time was better because I inhaled very good and also had smoked some before. within 30 minutes all effects were gone, no headache, no nausea, nothing. I've learned the most imported things are to inhale slowly, hold the smoke as long as possible, keep your eyes closed and choose the right music (although that's personal, my friend heard nothing while with me it has an important role in the trip). so well...I think I'm addicted now ;-) next time I try the 10x extract. it's very expensive, but it's worth it. I hope for a more intensive trip, maybe with my eyes open. LSA-seeds Morning Glory and mushrooms are also on my list. in a few months I transformed from an anti-drugs person into someone who want to try stuff every weekend and smoking catmint almost every evening. I like the world of smartdrugs, I'm afraid ;-)

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