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First Ayahuasca experience

I have to say I was already quite experienced with magic mushrooms, especially with its psylocybin and psylocin that should be similar to LSD. I read the DMT included in Mimosa Hostilis ought to be similar to LSD, too, just stronger. So I had a hint what was waiting for me. I made tea from both by boiling each substance with some water for 15 minutes on low fire. My last meal I had at 12 o'clock a.m., so my stomach was relatively empty. I have drunken the Peganum Harmala tea and 18 minutes later the Mimosa Hostilis one. Slowly a bad feeling started to grow inside of me - it was nausea. 20 minutes after I have drunken the second tea, I had to vomit. So far so good as I knew that this could happen. Then started the psychedelic feeling I was used to after taking magic mushrooms. But it was somehow different and I felt still some illness and just a few minutes after I had to vomit the first time, I needed to do a second time. Suddenly I saw the typical kaleidoscope structures on every surface. I went to my bed putting me on it and closed my eyes. I saw wounderful structures, colours and so on knowing from magic mushrooms though these visions haven't been so strong any time before. In this state of being I was probably two minutes even if I felt it have been more. Then I felt quite ill and had to run to toilet doing the same I did two times before. I felt really bad - I had reached the phase when visions are strongest (that was positive), but nausea was strong, too. 15 minutes later life came back to my body - visions have stopped and I felt better. All in all I had to stay there for approximately 25 minutes. Then I was able to clean myself and to leave the bathroom. I layed on my bed for an half hour thinking about what has happend. I was still a bit influenced by the DMT but not enough to see "living" structures on any surface. Then I got up, felt healthy and was able to do anything I wanted to, just if nothing has happened. I do not know what I should think all about this. Most time I felt bad by nausea - a feeling I do not want to have. So I'm not knowing if I should do this again. I hope somebody can help me understanding my experiences I told here. Please! :-)

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