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Different reality

Last weekend my girlfriend and I smoked Salvia (10x) in a bong. One big hit each and..... BANG! It was my second time (first time was about six years ago) and her first. We had a different trip but the general feeling was almost the same. We are convinced now: there is another reality. While tripping, you don't realise you are actually tripping. You feel like you are in a different reality which will last forever. It feels like forever, although when you wake afterwards it has only lasted for about 10 minutes. The big difference with any other drug we tried so far (and we tried a lot!) is that you do not realise you are tripping. What you experience seems reality and can be rather frightening. It surely makes a huge impression, even after you are sober again. Do not try this on your own!!!! It is quite difficult to describe what you feel and see. It's just ..... Unbelievable. We were both happy "coming back to earth" but.... looking back at it........ WHAAAAAAWWW!!!!!!! This is by far the heaviest stuff we ever tried. There's just no comparison. This is for quite experienced users only. We will surely do it again, but not next week! Take care and.... keep on tripping!

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