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Close to Understand

I have had several experiences with Salvia Divinorum in the past six months, maybe 30 times or more. It’s very strong and I should say that unless you have confidence and know how many steps you can take and where to stop (tricky point!), don’t use it. Or use it... Salvia Divinorum knows how to make you respect her or respect yourself. I was very curious and found a challenge to understand the trip, or even better, my brain, my self. The interesting is that every experience was the same for me. With eyes closed I couldn't sense anything different except a better hearing of my breathing, my body temperature rising and a sense of falling. But with my eyes open, the whole environment is totally different but also the same. I, somehow, loose the 3 dimensional nature of things, and sense everything around me as one, everything being made from a single source. Only the colors were different. For example, a cup of coffee and a table weren't different things; they just had different colors and outlines. They were both of the same "something". My body was also part of the same something, everything was part of it. Except my brain, my conscience. I felt myself (not my body, I was feeling my body as a tool) as being outside this world, being part of something huge, something infinite. And from there, I was staring at the physical world. I just couldn't believe my eyes every single time! I was being defensive all the time, trying to convince myself that "this cannot be happening!”, but no effort could change what I was seeing. A last thing is that every time I had a strong feeling that everything was meant to happen the way they happened. My free will was there, but the point was not to choose something. It was to understand why I chose it, and look for "coincidences" that came to my conscience for a reason, for a pathway. Hope I'm not that confusing... I guess I can't plan my thoughts in the right order. Anything you do, do it because you want to, and always respect yourself! Otherwise you will be taught the other way…

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