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Really mind trippin

Ate them together with my girlfriend around 6pm. We both ate 10 grams. Went out for a walk with the dog and about 7:10 pm we were back inside the house. I began to feel dizzy and placed me lying in the couch. About 8 pm i started to feel i was leaving reality. My girlfriend was dizzy and hungry and ate some chicken. About 8.30 pm i was really trippin. My girlfriend started to feel it also, but on this feeling i already knew this was good for one time, because i began to taste the seeds again and almost had to puke. We watched some tv till 10.30pm. It was really strange, it was like we were someone else, like i didn`t had a relationship with my girlfriend anymore, but we were able to think logically, unlike shrooms when even you don`t understand time. At 11pm i put on my favorite comedy movie; normally i am laughing really hard with this movie (bio-dome) but now i didn`t laugh one time. I really was someone else. My girlfriend left her body, she wanted to move and walk around, but her body didn`t react, it was like she was paralized. At 12.30 am i had to go the toilet and thought i had to puke, i got really (but REALLY) swetty and turned white. My girlfriend panicked and called here friend. After a few minutes on the window with fresh air it was ok again, but felt really ill for 5 minutes. It is like you have been poisoned and your body is fighting the poison. At 1am our trip was over, i ate some bread and had a beer and at 2 am we fell asleep. Do not underestimate the power of this seeds. It is not like shrooms very visual but this is really mind trippin. I will never do this again because as i think of the taste of the seeds i already have to puke. But you really have to try this one if you wanne be in a parallel reality.

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