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The Power of the Hawaiian Babywoodrose!

English is not my mother tongue, but I'm going to write it in English so that more people can understand me! Please excuse my bad English. I and 2 friends ordered 15 seeds, so each of us could take 5 which is a high dose for the first time (told by many people). But we didn't really believe in the power of the seeds, so we chewed the seeds, which tasted like nuts. Michi started vomiting after half an hour, so we believed the effects would vanish. I felt slightly sick and the other friend Marc felt normal. We were in a public park, but there were rarely any people. The first 1-3 hours I cut the newspaper we brought with us into 1000 pieces, I didn't realize it, really. Marc left us and Michi and I were alone. And once she admitted that she was totally on the trip. (She was lying on the ground - at first I didn't want that, but after some time I didn't care any more.) We were so many things, we were the old Egyptians, we were in New York shopping, we were old trees, we saw the clouds having a racing challenge, and our most beloved thing was Moby Dick. It was the leaf of chestnut. And there was a hole in it and the leaf looked like Moby Dick. And always, when we were happy, "he" smiled and swam around in his sea. And when we thought of never becoming normal again, he looked sad. It was so amazing, we lived in our own world, we were lying there for 6 hours, talking crazy stuff & realizing nothing! Fortunately nobody directly crossed our way! I can't remember everything any more; the trip was just very, very heavy. When we got up (we thought we were handicapped & couldn't move any more) the world changed completely. It was just another dimension, and when we stood up onto our feet, it was again another dimension! Then we were bullied by 2 older people about the litter, and immediately I started vomiting, seems to have been a corporal reaction because of a psychological reason. Really strange. Then the trip started being like LSD, I never tried it but I heard lots of stories. I had so many thoughts, but I couldn't rank them. I wanted to eat, drink, shit, piss, call somebody, meet friends, go home. But I couldn't decide what to do. I bought chips, ate half of them and threw them away. One second later I regretted it. I simply couldn't decide what to do. And I sweated like a river, awful! Everything was unreal, people looked crazy, and I couldn't count my money any more. And my jaw started to chew, but automatically. I had such a pressure on my jaw, unbelievable. Sleeping was very hard, I lay for 3 hours in my bed because I had so many thoughts, but fortunately the effects started vanishing. But I had no refreshing night, although the next day I was very relaxed, I loved everybody. What I forgot: Everything is so totally new for you, I smoked a cigarette, and it was a dream. But you have to take care: I held the cigarette very close to my face while I was lying and I almost let it fall into my face... Or I bit really hard into my hand, for no reason. I can recommend this 5 seeds trip to everybody who has at least tried mushrooms, because the seeds are much more effective than the mushrooms. But you got to have time, and no stress. Because you're not talkative with people who are not on the trip. For me, it was just on the limit, it was almost a bit too hard for me, because it lasts almost 8-10 hours and you get thoughts about staying on that trip 4ever... But try it, it's a good experience! Once the time is right for my 2nd try :)

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