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A very good stimulant

After a long time as a free-lancer, I got a new job and had to change my schedule completely. I was used to getting up late and go to bed late too, and my new schedule made me crazy. When I came back home I only wanted to make a fast lunch and go to bed as soon as possible. Good bye to my social life from Monday to Friday! It’s so hard for me… And it’s summer, for God’s sake! I was looking for a stimulant to help me get over hard working days or be able to go out for a few hours in the evening after a long busy day. I’ve tried Guaraná and I’m a heavy Coke-drinker, I also tried energy drinks but I found I’m not very sensitive to ordinary stimulants. I got my Supercaps at about 12 p.m. one of these horrible days in which you have tons of work to do. I immediately had 1 cap (I’m a very sensible girl) but after 30 minutes or so I had 1 more. About one hour later I started to feel a great energy, my heart bumped heavily and my hands were shaky. It scared me a little bit, but the feeling soon started to slacken. I felt real awake and concentrated. I finished up fast and with the best results. Way back home at 3 p.m. I thought: Eureka! This is it! I’ve been proselytizing among my friends (they almost finished up my bottle!) and they all agree: it’s the best solution when you need some extra energy. But I’ve read somewhere some people believe it’s a good alternative to ecstasy: I completely disagree. They have different uses. Supercaps are a great energizer, but that’s all. For a special occasion, with some of your closest friends or your boyfriend, in a nice place, nothing like ecstasy. Supercaps do not have the typical warmth of a good e. Just a last piece of advice: don’t take it more than twice a week. Your body builds up tolerance very quickly and you’ll end up taking 6 or 7 caps in one go, which is absolutely nonsense and could be dangerous. I’ve read the best thing to do is to keep a minimum dose and take a rest after two months or keep it back for that occasions in which you need an extra boost.

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