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i saw the 7th dimension

After reading a few reports, I feel that I should write something about the better experiences. All the people who had less good experiences all admit that they took too much. Well, they won't tell you to be careful for no reason! The first time I took it, I took a quarter of the 5 gram 5x extract: not much for sure. I lighted it up, inhaled, kept my breath for as long as I could, exhaled the most slowly possible and during the exhale I felt that something nice was happening, the same feeling at the very beginning of a strong shroom trip. I laughed, laughed and laughed more, and then it was over. I smoked a joint, and took the same dose as before. This time, I passed out; it seriously felt like my head felt through the wall! With my eyes closed, it was like I was in an air bubble floating in space. I was floating into an orange cube and I could see myself from every possible 'camera angle' simultaneously! When I entered the cube, colors faded to purple and red, very beautiful! I continued floating and I opened one eye: I could see my room with my one eye and I was still in space with the other one. Then the effects started to fade. A month later, I took about a third of a bottle, and I completely crashed to the floor. It felt pretty good again and this time I was and ultra small walking spree of grass in a weird kind of road. I heard voices that welcomed me back...?! Colors were -again- purple and orange. Everything seemed to be made out of small cubes and triangles and I felt in complete control of the trip, which was good because I could explore the world where I was in. I had a conversation with the voices, I don’t know who or what they were but it was friendly for sure. Also, I was laughing the whole time and speaking some incoherent babbling according to my friends... Again it faded away slowly. When I woke up, I waited for some time, smoked a joint and went to sleep to give things a place for future experiences... :-) It was amazing!

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