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Hello, Azarius! I had the best Saturday afternoon of my whole life. Took 30 gr. with two friends (10 gr. each). I must say that the taste wasn't really pleasant, so I had 2-3 chips with them, to take the taste away. After eating them, we went outside in the park, which is huge, and sat down on a blanket chatting. In half an hour we started laughing our brains out and talking random, stupid things, even worse than on weed. After another 20 minutes, so a total of 50, we were all a bit dizzy. We started talking about serious things, got really into the conversation. Although we realized that we were not making any sense, we kept on going and taking it really serious. After talking for one hour, we got up and started walking through the park. We were lucky that there weren't many people to see us pointing at everything and being amazed by trees, flowers, ants, grass, wind, sun, etc. Everything was just like I expected it to be: intense! It took us ages to get to a small building in the park, which was actually 5 minutes away from us. The thing is, you know it is the effect of the shrooms that makes everything look amazing, but you go with the flow. Everything distracts you, every stone, every straw, bird... everything. And you keep looking and start thinking really deep things. Now I understand why it's called "philosopher stone". You have the most intense, deep and fucked up thoughts going thru your head. Anyway, we realized that sitting on the blanket just made us waste the shrooms, so we started walking. And we walked for ages, didn't get tired. We only saw wonderful things surrounding us. When we saw people coming, we tried to act normal, but your body just doesn't want to. You don't give a shit if you talk to the trees or insects and people see you. We started climbing a tree and it was amazing. We were amazed by its leaves and its color. The colors become really intense. We said all the way that we discover a new world with every step that we walk on. We were exploring a normal park, but everything was sooo(!) important now. We decided we became best friends with nature. Up on the tree I had the feeling I couldn’tt fall down, cause the tree was my friend. And guess what? I told the tree that and nothing happened. :-)) Our exploring, magic, surprisingly beautiful and intense trip lasted for almost 5 hours. It was absolutely smashing. It was the second time I took shrooms, and I was a bit skeptic with how much I should take, but 10 grams is a perfect dosage for a nice soft trip. Actually it was a heavy one, but I was flying all over the place, not getting nausea or getting sick. It was just perfect. A small tip: when you start feeling a bit dizzy and hot at the beginning, wait another 10 minutes and then take some time for yourself. I was on my own for 15 minutes and I thought about deep, wild things which I could see then in nature. Tripping with your friends is of course really nice, but some time for yourself is wonderful. You get overwhelmed by everything. My trip reminded me of the "think pink" slogan: "Think pink was born in Yosemite national park to free your mind and understand nature". Well, we were not in Yosemite Park, but we understood nature completely and our minds were free as birds. I can only recommend the philosopher stones from Azarius. And go outside! Don’t' do them at home. There’s so many thing to see in nature....

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