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The green glow

I'm growing mushrooms now for quite a while and through this report I want to inform people by telling you my story about my first experiences with psychedelic drugs. On a hot summer night I decided to eat some of the first mushrooms I grew (with some help from Azarius spores). I dried the Hawaiians for about 3 days. I planned this trip and I was sure I had a nice environment to trip in (very important IMO). I got a lava lamp and set it on the table. I made sure I had a lot of pillows around me and put some Lounge music and Goa trance on. So I was ready for it. I was kind of nervous and decided to make myself a drink before hand so I didn't have to make some later while I was tripping. The time came to take the shrooms, to be honest they taste horrific. After eating about 5 Hawaiians I waited anxiously for the effects, after about an hour they started to kick in softly and I saw that the walls were liquefying - through further experiences, I noticed that I always get that when taking psychedelic drugs. Lights became more intense and the wood grain in the doors turned into knights on horses galloping towards me. I very much enjoyed the story that was being told through the door. After that the effects became less and less, so I decided to take some more shrooms and took about 3 more. 5 minutes later (could be an hour, though) it felt like the new shrooms where kicking in. I though that it was impossible cause I just took them. The neon light across the street started illuminating my mind; I felt the green glow of the neon light through my body and mind. I watched the walls while tiny flowers grew onto the walls and ceiling. I walked up to the balcony and I looked up and saw the flowers growing on the roof of my apartment. My eye caught something bright green down the street. It was the trees standing there and breathing in and out. I could see the leaves in unbelievable detail and colors of green I could never imagine. After enjoying a nice glass of rose wine and the many visuals I got from the shrooms I started to come back to earth. Since that day of tripping I've learned that all our miniscule problems in life are just bumps in a road whitch you know is going to end. So enjoy life and don't be put down by those small things. Also I have much more respect for nature and animals around us. Just because we're so narcissistic that we think the world is our property, it does not mean that everyone should think like that, and go on destroying something that created life and has so much beauty we can't even imagine. Peace

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