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Holy goddess! How strong is that?

Last week I ordered some Salvia via the Internet. I had taken this stuff before and it was a nice, trippy experience, very colorful and pretty weird (the whole world transformed into steps and cubes.). That was funny and no problem at all, I felt safe and easy. Then the stuff from Internet arrived... I was totally excited, met with my friends and we were really crazy for that sage. I was the first to smoke and so I filled 1/2 grams of that substance into the bong and smoked it in one big yellow hit. Shouldn’t have done this... A minute later something grabbed me and threw me to the ground. An unbelievable pressure pressed my body to the floor and my mind just went through the floor, straight into a million of realities and universes, all kind of comic style, but pretty weird and evil. It was like the pages of a very thick book, every page was a different world. My body tried to follow my mind, which was a problem for sure. I was lying on the floor, pressing my face on the carpet to get through this damn book page. My friends were scared to death. I was down on the ground, my eyes turned totally white and I was hyperventilating like hell. I started giggling when the flash came, then I had to laugh out loud, but then I left my body and my physical body still was laughing and the laughter transformed into strange sounds and hyperventilation. My friends truly thought I would die, because I couldn’t really breathe, I just made that sound all the time. After fifteen fucking minutes (which felt like an eternity of tripping) I got back into my body, the terrible being that grabbed me and tried to kill me by suffocation because of the sounds it made me do..... finally released me. Heavy, man. It took about three hours to end all of the salvia effects. ONLY use salvia, when a sober person is around. You may be leaving your body, but your body can still move and do things out of your control and that can be damn dangerous. That stuff is one of the most psychedelic drugs on Earth, so be aware and if you’re going to visit salvia-country, don’t tell them where I am.

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