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What a flight!!

Wooooooooohhhhhh! What a flight! It was a bit confused at the beginning, I was alone (Not recommended) but it was like if I were with a lot of crazy people that only made me laugh and think! The "FX" were amazing and I couldn`t hold myself from staring around me like if my eyes were opened for the first time! From what I read in the site I first didn`t understood what the "travelling through your own body" was supposed to mean but nearby the middle of the trip I`ve felt an energy that created an union between me and the Nature... It`s maybe hard to believe but my sensibility turned so accute that I could sense the diferent levels we behold inside and that were simultainly connected with the outside!! To explore it I tried to do a sort of Tai Chi (imagine a "wacko" kinda dancing in the middle of the beach (Interesting figure no!). Vibrations were riding through my body and synchronizing with the movements that were coming automatically. I realized myself floating in an etherious liquid where I found peace...I don`t realy know how to explain what are our body levels, there`s so many that you have to feel it to understand it, but it all resumes to the infinite Universe that is our Microcosm connected to the Macrocosm! To me, this stuff is Highly Recommended, just respect the informations Azarius give and you`ll be soon travelling with your own "Space Jet" to the Dreamland!

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