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Walking on Flames

We went to visit a friend of mine. We had tripped together one time before, the second time was different. The first time we took dried Mexican shrooms. I was more experienced than the others, so I told them to eat the caps with something sweet like chocolate because the taste is awful. One of my friends doesn't like chocolate, so he took them with orange juice. After half an hour he started puking in his balcony! We stood there with him for half an hour and then we wondered why, because it was pretty cold. We went in again and the 'high' started, even for the guy who puked it all out. I remember sitting in the backyard with a friend of mine. After the first exciting rush - in which we were moving all the time - we sat down to watch a snail move! Man, that thing was working hard! Than it started to eat. We never saw a snail eat, and we thought it was pretty cool. Than someone came out of the house and with a 'CRATCH' he crushed our snail. That made us talk about the shortness of life and all philosophical things. This trip was just a 'heavy high’; we were not seeing things which did not exist. The second time I asked for something heavier. We got chocolate bars. I didn’t really believe in it, but what you believe can be changed! We didn’t eat for 6 hours and everyone took half a bar, and we sat down to wait. One of us started to become much exited. Usually he doesn’t drink or smoke or do anything like that! He got up with his big red head and started making words that don’t exist to describe what he was feeling. It was really funny to see this straight edger like that!! Than everyone started wondering what the hell was going on! Every normal thing seemed strange to us. I had an urge to move so I started walking and the wooden floor seemed like it was on fire! My right foot was standing in it and it was like it was 10 meters away from me (I’m only 2 meters tall!!) while the other stood on its normal place. I went outside and I had never thought about me like that time. I was like an out stander looking back at the life of someone else, which was me, actually. During such trips with a lot of people (10 in total) I always want to be alone for some time, because I like to focus in the way I think. I’m a medical student so some guy asked me to explain what was happening to us. I said: I don’t have a fucking clue! Even the thought of me being a medical student seemed unreal to me! We came back to Earth after 5 hours, smoked some weed and went home. It was an amazing experience; I kept remembering it for 5 days! Now, 2 months later, I still made a pretty long story of it! If you’ve never tried shrooms: Don’t be afraid of what will happen to you! It may be overwhelming and if you want it to end, you don’t feel comfortable at all! Enjoy your flight!

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