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Playing the sax….

I put them in some honey, 1 day in the fridge. I had about 3 or 4 grams. I ate those bitches 1 hour after having lunch, than I watched tv for a while. After about half an hour I just lay down on my couch and watched this piece of cloth hanging at the ceiling. Actually, it’s an African cloth used to dress up, really light. Well the point is that I stared at it and it was waves-.... yea, just waves smooth expanding and just waves, really relaxing. then a friend called up and said :"eiei listen " and there was a Brasilian music (real loud) and I was in trance with those rythms. Damn. I just closed my eyes and told him to put the phone nearby the speakers and just leave it there... I was dancing in my head and just loving it. About an hour later or so, I took my sax, just took it, closed my eyes and I played like never before. I was the wave, the sound wave just flowing and singing, beautiful music...............

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