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De Verdamper Reiziger

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Información del producto

Reiziger is Dutch for traveller and it indeed is a portable interpretation of the original Verdamper. We're not sure if you should take it along to a festival but you can definitely pass it around in a circle of friends. You will all get extremely high because the famous De Verdamper heating element makes another appearance. The Reiziger has a bit of a learning curve and you've got to have some patience before you can hit the vapor but as with De Verdamper the high it produces is still unsurpassable. Are you ready to travel into the cosmos?


Jar small version (750 ml): height: 12 cm, diameter: 10 cm

Jar large version (1500 ml): height: 20 cm, diameter: 10 cm

Safe use of the Reiziger

  • Don’t overfill the head with weed (even a little will get you super high)
  • Don’t exceed 14 volt
  • Always mind the heating element when it’s hot
  • Don’t blow in the tube, splashing with water can lead to dangerous situations (the version with safety valve protects against overflowing)

How to use the Reiziger

  1. Warm the heating element for up to 10 minutes before first-time use
  2. Carefully open the jar with both thumbs pushing the cork upwards, pay special attention to the glass element on the inside
  3. Fill the jar with water (a bit more than half the jar)
  4. Fill the head with weed
  5. Place the heating element on the head
  6. It takes about 4 minutes to reach the optimal temperature
  7. Take a hit using the tube
  8. If you cover the heating element with your hand or a piece of paper the temperature is raised, resulting in stronger vapor
  9. When lifting the heating element also hold the head, as it may stay connected for a while and then fall off
  10. The transformator lets you adjust the Reiziger between 7 and 12 volts

Cleaning instructions

Clean the glass elements with hot water and a detergent if needed. If the glass is really dirty from all that vaping you can soak in water. Use the brushes to clean.


  • 1 Jar
  • 1 Cork
  • 1 Heating element
  • 1 Head element with gauze
  • 1 Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 Thick brush
  • 1 Thin brush
  • 1 Transformator with wooden stand
  • 1 Manual (English, Dutch, Spanish)
  • 1 Numbered certificate


Keep the warm heating element away from plastics, clothing, pets and children

Productcode Productname
15609 small (non-valve)
15610 large (with valve)

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