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Feature overview

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home page explanation
    The site

  1. Change language
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Advanced Search
  4. You can give comments on news items
  5. View the page with all our new products
  6. All products in one list
  7. Older news can be found here
  8. View the page with all our specials
  9. Don't forget to have a look at our (Dutch) blog and Party Calendar
  10. You can save pages to a social bookmarking site
  11. Find a list with many common links at the bottom of every page

home product explanation
    View products

  1. Second navigation path (breadcrumbs)
  2. Share this page with a friend or post it on a weblog
  3. A printer friendly page of this product
  4. Set the quantity of the product that you order
  5. Some products have multiple pictures
  6. Related categories, products and experiences
  7. Move to the previous or next product in the same category
  8. Zoom in or out
  9. Read or write a review
  10. Save this page to a social bookmarking site
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