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Happy Caps’ Party-E – your new go-to energizer?


A couple of years ago, long before I worked in a smartshop myself, I decided to go smart-shopping for a special occasion. Totally clueless on what to buy, I asked the girl in the store for advice. She recommended a Happy Caps formula called Party-E. She described the effects as “very much like XTC, but more respectful”. However awesome that sounded, I wasn’t really convinced, and bought some god-awful kratom chocolate instead.

Later on, however, I became intrigued. What if that herbal blend is actually a bit like XTC? I started to get more and more convinced that maybe I should give Party-E a try. Unfortunately, soon after, I found out Party-E had been discontinued.

So I was super thrilled to hear that a new version of the formula recently returned to the market, and I couldn’t wait to try it. So is this finally that awesome, loved-up herbal party pill that everybody has been waiting for? Let’s find out!

Happy Caps Party-E effects

I was in a cheeky mood when I decided to take some Party-E on a date to the cinema with my man. I took two caps, and when the movie started, I kinda forgot that I had taken them.

I noticed I became a bit more energetic (found it hard to sit still), uplifted (laughed a lot) and talkative (could not stop myself from commenting on the film). Although I didn’t come anywhere near feeling like I was ‘rolling’, I definitely felt nice and happy.

Afterwards, we walked home through the moonlit streets of Utrecht, having a heartfelt conversation. This is not really a rarity, but I definitely felt that the Party-E made me more eager to talk, listen and bond.

Another very surprising thing: that night, I slept like a baby. I also had no difficulties, negative feelings or morning fuzziness when I woke up. Which does not happen to me very often, even when I stay sober the night before.

Party-E vs. XTC

So does this herbal formula compare to XTC? I don’t think so. Is Party-E worthwhile? Absolutely! It gives a nice, euphoric effect that in my opinion exceeds many other herbal energizers. Another good thing is that it does not give you that dreadful Tuesday blues

I think Party-E is perfect for anyone who likes to party or do other fun stuff, and feel elevated but still present. The effects are very noticeable, making it interesting enough to not want to combine it with other substances like alcohol or (unless the party you’re at is shit).

I would totally recommend making Party-E your monthly routine, leaving the real thing for super special occasions, like new year’s eve or your birthday. This is, at least, what I am going to do from now on.

Author: Sterre Marrée

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