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AutoMazar: this season's free promo seed


As we do every year, this growing season we offer a free cannabis seed with every seeds order. This year it's Dutch Passion's AutoMazar. This is an auto-flowering seed - and it's a good one!

AutoMazar is known for its super high yields. Besides this, AutoMazar has some other awesome qualities. We will discuss them further in this article. But first, let us tell you something about the genetic makeup of the strain.

AutoMazar - big yields, right? :)

The genetic origin of AutoMazar

The original Mazar is a crossbreed between the popular a popular Sativa strain called Skunk (you've probably heard of it) and a heavy Indica called Afghani. Mazar has been on the market for over 15 years, and has won several prices since. Due to the increasing popularity of auto-flowering strains, seed bank Dutch Passion decided to create an auto flowering variety of Mazar. AutoMazar was born.

AutoMazar is a combination of Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis, and produces thick, super resinous buds. The Indica genetics make for a long-lasting, intense high. AutoMazar offers all the benefits of the original Mazar strain, but grows faster. What's not to like?

Advantages of AutoMazar

This plant doesn't grow very tall - the maximum length is 70 to 80 cm. Although the plant isn't big, the yields definitely are. After planting the seed, it takes about 10 weeks until you're ready to harvest.

When growing outside, you can get 100 to 200 grams of weed from one plant. Sounds quite good, right? Of course, your yield will depend on your experience as a grower. However, this strain is so easy to grow that even a first-time grower will be left with a more than decent yield.

AutoMazar is easy to grow. Even in a cold climate with short summers, this plant will grow vigorously. We have the 50% Russian Ruderalis genetics of the plant to thank for that. The plant is also very stable. It's very resistant to mould and parasites.

All these great characteristics make AutoMazar the perfect strain for both beginners and experienced growers alike.

Happy growing season!

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