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The best gifts for vaporists


The vaporist is a bit of an engineer. He or she possesses huge amounts technical knowledge and dreams of blueprints for the ultimate vaporizer, The One that will extract continuous flavour, Cumulus-like clouds and release every cannabinoid imaginable. The vaper has an encyclopaedic grasp of optimal temperatures for every herb. Vaping hash, flowers, concentrates, there are no secrets for this scientist of vaporology.

But how to surprise the person whose lifestyle is filled with specific accessories and tools? Let us present some gift suggestions for the lover of vaporizers.

Tightvac Solid

You can’t vape without a stash. Besides a true vaporist doesn't carry around his prized herbs in any old plastic bag. With its minimalistic look and superior functionality, the Tightvac Solid should enamour the vaporist looking for optimal flavour. Perhaps you can even match the colour to their favourite vaporizer?

Lighter 2 Flame Torch (Vertigo Bullet)

Does your vape lover suddenly light a vaporizer with a flame? Then he probably is into a Sticky Brick or DynaVap flame powered vaporizer. A powerful and luxurious torch lighter will help to optimize the production of vapour.

Dutch Spirit throat herbs

Don’t care for the aroma of Super Skunk? Or does your vape friend keep vaping even if she’s under the weather? Surprise her with this tasty alternative. It’s natural, man!

Glass Vaporizer Bubbler

Try to surprise the inner lab technician with this great glass vaporizer bubbler. Just add a bit of water and your vaporizer friend will explain in detail how unbelievably clean this vapor tastes.

Magic Flight Escape Pod

Is it time for a bit of nostalgia? Your vaporizer connoisseur probably used the good old Magic Flight way back in the old days when vaping was virtually unknown. This wooden stash box is a nice reminder of those pioneering days, you could even call it retro nowadays.

Even more gift ideas for the vape fiend can be found in our gift guide for vapers.


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