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Azarius presents: Gold Rush!


Anyone who has recently visited the Azarius website probably noticed a huge banner for a new mystery powder named ‘Gold Rush’. In this article, we will discuss what it is, what it does and whether you should try it (spoiler – the answer is yes).

The main ingredient in Gold Rush is our dearly beloved kanna. Gold rush, however, distinguishes itself from the other kanna varieties, by being a mix of several different kanna extracts. This might sound weird, as drinking a mix of different alcoholic drinks is a bad idea (unless you’re dead set to wake up the next morning with the worst headache ever). Well hear me out; it works differently for kanna. When kanna is extracted, some active components get lost in the process. Which components get lost depends on the type of kanna. Therefore, combining different types of kanna will provide a wider range of effects.

Many people who tried kanna have been there: you take a dose, and you initially feel energized, warm and buzzing. But when you’re slightly over your peak, the effect turns into a relaxed, slightly stoned “can’t be bothered, mate” type of feeling. This doesn’t happen if you use Gold Rush, as it contains caffeine, which will keep you on an elevated level, all the way through your high.

Gold Rush hits you straight away if you use it as a snuff. It’s pretty pleasant to do so, as it has anise added to it. You can also put a dose in a glass of water and drink it. It takes about thirty minutes until you start to feel the effects, so do not re-dose before that. The effects are slightly less intense, but they will go on for longer. Drinking it might be less rock-n-roll, but at least Gold Rush offers a good alternative to everyone whose favourite hobby is not snorting powders.

Another fun fact: Gold Rush works with reversed tolerance. After taking it a few times you might find that you need less of it to reach the same effect, as your body starts to recognize it.

So what happens if you actually take it? Well, here’s what I and some of my fellow happy lab rats noticed when we tried some Gold Rush after work.

After ingestion, we noticed a direct increase in energy levels. We all felt really pumped up and excited, even though we had a long working day behind us. I felt the very intense urge to go and do something, like walking around or washing up. We also got incredibly talkative and giggly, and had massive laughing fits. We felt really happy, content and enthusiastic about everything. We were playing classic rock songs on a wrecked guitar, and I am sure that the Gold Rush made us appreciate it more.

There was a very strong physical side to it as well. We felt a physical impulse to laugh, even when the situation wasn’t specifically funny, and couldn’t stop smiling (we must have looked really stupid). We all noticed an increase in body temperature, the urge to walk around, talk, move and be active. Gold Rush also gave us a strong physical buzz, a bit comparable to coming up on ecstasy.

We were really enthusiastic about it, and started imagining occasions where it would be super cool to be on Gold Rush. A few suggestions:

  • On a skate trip outside in nature, with the sun shining and nothing but meadows and cows around you.
  • On a 90’s themed costumed party where the 90’s alternative tracks are blasting.
  • At a horror movie night with your friends where commenting on films is encouraged and accidentally falling asleep is not done.
  • We figured that Gold Rush could probably work quite well as an aphrodisiac.

So should you try Gold Rush? The answer is: definitely. It offers a great natural alternative to other (chemical) stimulants that you might otherwise take on a party. You can compare the effects of Gold Rush to some synthetics. However, Gold Rush has a unique effect that could work for practically anyone who feels like experiencing an energy kick and a happy buzz, without it being too invasive or intense.

One more thing though: kanna works as an SSRI. Therefore you should never combine it with MAO-inhibitors or other SSRI’s. Many people like to use Gold Rush at parties. However, please don’t get tempted to combine it with MDMA. It can be dangerous and will most likely give you a very, very bad experience.

Use it safely and enjoy your high!

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Author: Sterre Marrée

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