Blog20/9 Magic Mushroom Day: Let's go on a mushroom hunt
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20/9 Magic Mushroom Day: Let's go on a mushroom hunt


The 20th of September is Magic Mushroom Day. On 9/20 (or 20/9 in other parts of the world) we celebrate the beauty of this natural gift and the coming mushroom season. First of all, we offer an outstanding 25% discount on all mushroom grow kits using the code 920PSILOCYBIN. The discount is only valid on 20/9 so get your favourite grow kit at once.  And to commemorate Magic Mushroom Day we present our classic tale of an authentic Dutch mushroom hunt.

On a bright autumn morning we’re heading to the Dutch forests and fields for a mushroom hunt.

Liberty Cap season

The season for Liberty Caps in the Netherlands runs from September till the start of December. It’s largely dependent on the weather. The mycelium (underground fungal network) will be there, but only the right amount of rain will make the ‘fruits’ sprout.


According to the organisers of this excursion, it’s a good idea to eat a couple of Liberty Caps before setting off. “You will tune into the mushroom spirit and find them more easily.” As a favourable "side effect" the forest looks even more stunning.

Nipple-shaped cap

The Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata) can be recognised by its long, thin stem (usually white or grey) and a characteristic nipple-shaped cap (yellow, brown, white or grey). It grows well on the dung of sheep, horses and cows, so open grasslands that have been grazed are hotspots.

Edible mushrooms

Birch bolete

Unfortunately, we’re too early: we just find two Liberty Caps. An ordinary trip-dose is around twenty mushrooms. September was warm and there hardly fell any rain.

We do find plenty of edible mushrooms though, mainly birch bolete and porcine. They’re almost confiscated by the forester – be aware that wild picking isn’t always allowed! – but he turns a blind eye and that evening we enjoy a tasty mushroom risotto. We also make mushroom soup and mushroom omelette.

Paddo latte

Then there’s a surprise: there are more Liberty Caps left from the previous year! A delicious tea is created with goat milk and honey. Walking over the heath at sunset, the colours are absolutely amazing. The group energy as well: we will come back another time soon!


Want to go shroom picking yourself?

Be careful: there are many species of mushrooms that look pretty similar to one another. Always go together with an expert and don’t eat anything you’re not sure of.

By Judith

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