BlogThe Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force
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The Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force


On May 26th 2016 the controversial Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force in the United Kingdom. The legislation aims to ban any substance that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect, with a small list of exemptions such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and poppers. Also, churches are still allowed to use incense. The Act states:

For the purposes of this Act a substance produces a psychoactive effect in a person if, by stimulating or depressing the person’s central nervous system, it affects the person’s mental functioning or emotional state; and references to a substance’s psychoactive effects are to be read accordingly.

Unfortunately the legislation has some consequences for our customers in the United Kingdom. A number of products will no longer be available for purchase, at least until certain provisions are made to the Act. Many of our wonderful products can still be purchased: vaporizers and cannabis seeds for collection, for example. In the smartshop category you can still enjoy most of our aphrodisiacs, magic mushroom growing supplies, nootropics and a wide range of herbs.

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