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Syrian Rue, the inspiration for the magic flying carpet


Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) seeds are what inspired the magical tales of flying carpets. The seeds were used as a dye in the process of making persian rugs. The rug makers stockpiled the seeds. As they were making the rugs, they were also traveling the cosmos on flying carpets.

We found this fun fact on the YouTube channel Neurosoup. But there's so much more to learn about this psychedelic little seed. Read on below the video!

Ayahuasca analogue

In the psychedelic culture, Syrian rue is mainly known as a ayahuasca-analoog. An ayahuasca-analogue is a plant that replaces the traditional ayahuascaingredient.

Traditionally, ayahuasca is prepared with Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) and Banisteriopsis caapi. Chacruna contains DMT. Caapi contains a MAO- inhibitor, that enables your body to absorb DMT. When both plants have been cooked together for a couple of hours it turns into a strong psychoactive brew.

Syrian rue contains a MAO-inhibitor, just like Caapi which is why it can serve as an analogue. An ayahuasca analogue containing brew with ayahuasca is often called anahuasca.

The effect of Syrian rue

The effect of anahuasca is similar to that of ayahuasca, but it is different in a certain way. This is because Syrian rue has a psychedelic effect in itself. A low dose of Rue can cause a buzz, a kind of vibration in the head. If you take a higher dose it can result in mild to strong psychedelic effects.

How to use Syrian rue

There are different ways to consume Syrian rue. Chewing the seeds and swallowing them is the most direct way. You can also grind them into a powder and put this in capsules. Another way is to brew a tea with the powder. Some people smoke it. In order to do this, you must first let the seeds steep in water, boil this until the water has evaporated. The hashlike substance can be smoked, even combined with cannabis. This is said to give a high with an afrodisiac edge.

If you don’t feel like processing the Syrian rue, but do feel like trying it, Azarius offers ready-made Syrian rue extract.

Combining Syrian rue with magic truffles

Another beautiful psychedelic experience can be created by combining Syrian rue with a small portion of magic truffels. The MAO-inhibitor will intensify your trip. Passion flower is also capable of intensifying truffle trips, as it also contains a MAO-inhibitor. Because Rue is a psychedelic on its own, many users report that its effect is noticeable during a truffle trip, contrary to passion flower.

Take care with Syrian rue

Syrian rue is a MAO-inhibitor, so by no means you should combine it with certain antidepressants and anti anxiety medication. Also combining it with other (scheduled) drugs is a definite no go. Research and respect the do’s and don’ts before you take Syrian rue.

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